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Saturday, January 24, 2009

San Gabriel Mexican Cafe' ~ A Very Pleasant Surprise

Last night Patrick & I decided to go out to dinner before heading to Bible study. We didn’t dress up, as it is very casual on Friday night since so many folks go from work straight to Pastor Manny’s Bible study. We herded the two dogs into the car & Pat asked where I wanted to go. Well, since I was away from Phoenix for 8 months I had several places that I had missed. I love farrrr North Idaho, but I have to admit that Phoenix has a much better selection of eateries. Anyhow, I chose Bombay Spice, a yummy little place only about a half mile from our condo,. When we got there, we could see folks inside eating (the whole front of the restaurant is glass) but there was a sign on the front that said Bombay Spice had moved to Shea Blvd. and this new gourmet Mexican restaurant would be open on Monday, Jan. 26. Oh no!! My taste buds were set for Indian food, and where would we go? Well, the maitre d‘, who was standing at the door to greet “invitation only” guests was so gracious. Seeing our disappointment he asked us to wait a moment and he would check with the chef to see if he could get us in! Long story short(ish), we were invited in to eat the most scrumptious Mexican cuisine. I even had a glass of pinot grigio;<). Patrick & I each had a different appetizer. I had the tortilla soup and he had chicken taquitos, both very good to the taste & to the eye. For our entrée Patrick and I each had the molcajete. He had the beef & I had the chicken. The presentation was gorgeous! It was served in these thick, volcanic type bowls that were very hot…in fact, the cheese in the bowls was still sizzling & cooking when brought to our table. To finish off the meal, the waiter brought chocolate tamales for desert. Pat said it was good (I don’t do chocolate) & ate it quickly, since he has diabetes & made it go away fast so I wouldn’t scold him. The whole dining experience was a very pleasant surprise and now for the capper: It was all on the house!! Such lovely luck. We will definitely return to San Gabriel Mexican Café again. Also, now we have to go find where they moved Bombay Spice. I wonder when their invitation only night is??

San Gabriel Mexican Cafe' is located at 7000 N. 16th Street in Phoenix. The NW corner of Glendale Ave & 16th Street. The Squaw Peak Hilton is located just a little north of the cafe'.

Here is my cover boy, model husband! The wall is pretty cool with the wine bottles behind glass.

Our waiter was very professional, yet affable. He took this photo of us. (I should have removed my reading glasses.)

This is my tortilla soup. I had actually taken a few slurps, so ruined the presentation. I was hungry!

Patrick's main course: Beef Molcajete. Watch out that bowl is steaming hot!

This is Pat's chocolate tamale. All the food looked better than my pictures show. It was really pretty.


reliv4life said...

yummy - I have never had a chocolate tamale - but I want to!!

Shellmo said...

I am very hungry now!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yummy--I've eaten great Mexican cuisine --when I lived in Texas. Can't find the same things up here in TN.. HA HA...

Your dinner looks incredible. Made my mouth water.


Busy Bee Suz said...

What a wonderful and delightful evening!!! I love mexican food so much...we tried a new place just last night too and it was not as good as yours though...shucks.
You have got good luck going for you...quick...go buy a few lottery tickets!!!

I love the Phoenix area...Coach and I lived in of Happy Valley road. Loved it there....

Maggie and Mitch said...

Mom and dad don't eat Mexican food hardly at all but mom says she'd sure love to try that chocolate tamale!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Jen said...

Qué una fabulosa comida.

Dorothy said...

Wow! Some folks have all the luck!
What a great meal and then have them say, It's on the house!!!

Cassie said...

Michele ~ I'm not sure what was in it,since I didn't have one.Pat loves chocolate.
Shelley ~ I'm hungry all over again too! ha ha.
Betsy ~ It is hard when you've gotten spoiled by good Mexican cuisine to have to settle for an imitation.(I actually like Taco Bell too though!)
BB Suz ~ OOooo. Lottery tickets.Never thought of that.I'm kind of a tightwad so probably will have to skip them;<) I've been in Arizona for almost 39 years now,so know where most streets are in the Phx./Glendale area.I used to go to a Bible study over near Happy Valley Rd. Last night Pat & I went to church over on Bell Rd & 59th Ave. It's the north branch of the Calvary Chapel we attend.(Calv.Community Church on I-17---remember that one??)
Maggie & Mitch ~ YOU would have loved where we went today.Petsmart had a 5k & 1mile walk for homeless pets in Tempe.A Zillion pups! XO-BabyRocketDog
Jen ~ Show off!! Yo no habla espanol.
Dorothy ~ Yes. Can you believe it? These things don't happen often but when they do I'm thrilled!

John Gray said...

food looks lovely ( I am on a diet!)
to answer your question re Rose Miller.....I originally set up a post regarding a character in the tv series TENKO. (Tenko was the cry the Japanese guards shouted at the English women every morning to get them to line up to be counted) Rose was one of my favourite characters, spoilt and wont get the tv series tenko in the states but will get PARADISE ROAD.....try it it makes interesting watching.
(by the way one of my Buffs is named after an actress in this Elizabeth Spriggs (the fat lady on the front row of my film on the blog)

Cassie said...

John ~ I'm always on a diet:that seafood diet...I see food, I eat it.Hmmmm I know that's an old one;<) Thx for the Paradise Road info. Your poultry seems to be a diverse cast of characters!

Catalyst said...

My wife and I were in Phoenix yesterday and headed to Bombay Spice at 16th St. & Glendale. Found it was now occupied by the San Gabriel Mexican Cafe. The nice waiter invited us in but we were set on Indian food and he directed us to the other location of Bombay Spice - Shea and Tatum, NW corner in huge shopping center. The small restaurant faces Tatum at the south end of Men's Wearhouse. (It was a little hard to find but now we'll know.) The food and service was great. The San Gabriel, we learned, is owned by the same company as Bombay Spice. Have fun!

Dawn said...

what fantastic luck! well... except for mot getting the indian food part! i love love love mexican food, and could eat it every day... looks like a great place... and free is always great, too!

Cassie said...

Cat ~ Thanks for the info!I just stepped over to your blog.Love the glass pictures from the Desert Botanical Garden.
Dawn ~ Oooo 4:38am,I see you have trouble sleeping too! Yes,good Mexican food is...GOOD!