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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Explanations To Follow...

Patrick sanitizing the sink after cutting up the Montana free-range turkey for in the crockpot.
Jessica in the bay window making a feather hair ornament. Hootie had to jump up to help her.
Snowman bell that my cousin Ivy sent me...Minus his nose.
Snowman's (found) nose. This is a good story that I'll tell you all after I get to Phoenix.
Snowman with his nose reattached.
The owl on our deck actually had his original pile of snow knocked off. This was a new pile! We got over 5 feet of snow before we left on Jan.2nd. Patrick and David stayed busy shoveling snow. We had to have our (800ft) driveway plowed 5 times and it could have been done more, but we were paying someone to do it & he was a busy man!! Pat can hardly wait to be up here full time so he can get his own little snowplow. Man toys ya know. ;<)
Jessica & Patrick getting the dogs ready for snowshoeing with Jess & David.
Jessie said the dogs got used to wearing their booties once they got into the deep snow. Jessica & David with the dogs leaving for their snowshoe adventure.


Shellmo said...

Those dogs looked so precious w/ their booties on! I love snow shoeing - looks like Jessica & David had good snow for it!

reliv4life said...

how was the turkey? we have never had a wild one. Are you enjoying the snow? We love it!!

Daisy said...

Cassie, this post made me laugh. First Patrick wearing a hat at the kitchen sink (is it cold in there?), then the tiny found snowman's nose, and finally the booties on your dogs' feet. I am howling here. I loved this post. :D

I'm so glad we don't have the snow you have. YIKES!!!

Happy Sunday to you! :)

Dorothy said...

WOW! I would like a little snow...maybe 5 inches but not 5 feet!!! It is beautiful!

Cassie said...

Shelley ~ They had a blast.They went skiing on Schweitzer the Saturday after Christmas and said it was fab.We never did get to use the tobaggan and saucer I bought. The time just flew by.Next year.
Michele ~ Everyone thought the turkey was good.Not sure they noticed a big diff from the (much cheaper)store bought kind though.I don't eat it,so it's just hearsay.Yup,I love the snow & wish we were still there,but I have to be a snowbird a few more years 'til Pat retires.
Daisy ~ I'm gonna tell you the snowman story on my next blog. Maybe tonight,since I don't know when I'll get back to the blog after getting to Phx.
Dot ~ Don't you guys get any snow down south? You'll just have to come visit us when we're back in Idaho!