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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hootie's Getting Schooled & Tuesday's Devotion

In less than an hour we take Hootie for his first obedience class. Boy does he need it. I'll let you know how that goes. He has gone potty on the floor here at the condo 4 times since we got here (8 days ago). I take some blame,but I had him at the dog park for over an hour today and as soon as we got home and I had my back turned---whamo---a huge puddle on the floor. He really doesn't seem to care, though he did run for the kennel when I raised my voice.Oh Hootie.

Okay enough of that. I was a day behind on my "Our Daily Bread" reading, so played catch up today. Wouldn't we be in bad shape if God forgot about us for a day & then "played catch up"?? Yikes. It's our great honor that He is with us all the time and not only that, but wants us to come to Him with everything.That is not only to thank Him and praise Him,but bring Him things that bug us. This is from Tuesday devotion by Philip Yancey: "God wants us to come to him with our complaints.If we march through life pretending to smile while inside we bleed,we dishonor the relationship." Wow. Here is the poem that went with the devotion:

Give Him each perplexing problem,

All your needs to Him make known;

Bring to Him your daily burdens -

Never carry them alone! - Adams

Just wanted to share that with anyone reading this that has a burden that they've been carrying alone. More after class! love, Cassie


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hootie is just getting used to his environment, Mama... Be patient with him. He's getting your attention, isn't he????? Isn't that what babies do (even precious puppies)???? ha

Jen said...

"The best thermometer of your spiritual temperature is the intensity of your prayer." ~Spurgeon

I read it too. :)

Good Luck Hootie~~make your mom proud.

Dorothy said...

Hope you doggie does well in school.
Coming home from Bible study tonight the song "I Can't Even Walk Without You Holding My Hand" was playing, and that is so ture!
We need to take all our needs to Him.

Cassie said...

Betsy ~ Yup. That's what the trainer said too.Okay,I'll ease up on him a little.Did I tell you he's been sneaking up on the bed with me in the morning after Pat goes to work?I wake up and there he is snuggled next to me.

Jen ~ You don't surprise me.Remember,you're my long,lost Kentucky twin! Hootie did real good in class.The other "pupil" was only 2 1/2 mos. old,so Hootie was much more attentive.(Like the 12yr old in with the 6yr olds!?)

Dorothy ~ (BTW I so want to call you Dot,since my very best Auntie was a Dot.)Amen.The day I was born again I had that blessed assurance that He would never leave me.It's such a soothing thought.

reliv4life said...

boy, am I glad He is there to carry my burdens! they are too much for me alone for sure! Hope Hootie settles in quickly.

Molly and Taffy said...

Hiya Hootie, hope you were very good at your classs last night!

Molly and Taffy.

PS. We have linked to you, hope that is OK?

Faya said...

Hello ! Waouw ... an airedale AND a welsh terrier...hahaha life is great no ? Kisses from Switzerland, Faya the airedale & Dyos the welsh !

Cassie said...

Michele ~ He was a good boy at class.That's a start;<)

Molly & Taffy ~ The "kids" are honored!You are on our fav list too.We get a kick out of your blog & the pictures are often like looking in a mirror.Ahh the family of dog.

Faya ~ Welcome!So happy you stopped by to visit.They do keep us busy...NOw I'm coming to visit your blog.

Cassie said...

Faya ~ Loved your pictures.I wish I could remember the French I took in high school though.

Maggie and Mitch said...

You'll ace your obedience class, Hootie! We're sure of it! *wink wink*

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Daisy said...

Lovely devotional, Cassie. Thank you! :)

Shellmo said...

Marvin is sending Hootie lots of encouragement and support to do well at obedience class! Go Hootie!!

Thank you for today's devotion!

Cassie said...

M & M ~ Hmmmm.Good vibes coming Hootie's way.Thx!

Daisy ~ Glad you liked it. Something should be coming your way(in the mail)next week.Keep an eye out.

Shelley ~ Hootie thanks his cheerleading section. And,you are welcome.

The Girl Next Door said...

Ack just keep the chocolate out of the house - posting on the woes of dogs and chocolate soon...

and thanks for the reminder. This morning as I was hustling out the door I realized I hadn't done my daily a couple days. And wondered, "Is a quick read better than no read or would God feel slighted?" [I had to run out the door to get kids to school and we were already late on Exam Day]

Cassie said...

GND ~ I've heard horror stories about that.Dogs & Chocolate.
Not trying to speak for the Lord,but He knows your heart & thanks to the Holy Spirit even your groans are translated!!Comforting isn't it?