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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Naughty, Naughty Hootie

I thought I would get a short video of Hootie & Baby playing next to the bed this morning.

Guess what this is:

If you guessed that it was Hootie starting to pee on the floor you were right. Here is the little brat out on the patio after I realized what he was doing. Anyone want a Welsh Terrier for cheap?? Baby Rocket Dog says,"Give him away,Mom!"


reliv4life said...

was he gonna Pee on Rocket?? no wonder Rocket jumped up!!

Cassie said...

Michele ~ I think so,but not sure.He missed in any event.(He has just started lifting his leg,but not every time,so that is good---at least he didn't get her or the bed coverings!)The rug is in the wash now.

Jen said...

Boys will be boys.
OH MY ---you may not believe this, but my word verification is

Tell Hootie that was unkind! :D LOL

Me said...

Have you ever noticed that being a dog owner is sometimes like being a mother to a toddler..that won't grow up?

Shellmo said...

Aww...maybe Hootie was excited from all that playing! :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Funny Cassie. Those little guys just need some of Mama's snacks.. That would surely make Hootie behave!!!! ha ha

I had a dog named Duchess several years ago. When Duchess was little (and still chewing on things), she chewed up one of my cross stitch pieces.. That's when I almost took her to the 'pound'. Talk about asking someone if they wanted a FREE cocker spaniel.. (He lived to be almost 14!!! ha)

Cassie said...

Jen ~ Funny about the word verification. You're right about boys...I don't think Baby was ever such a stinker...& he shows NO remorse!
Danielle ~ You said it! And then they smile at you:<)
Shelley ~ Exactly.I wasn't as attentive as I should have been.It always comes back to the mommy ya know!
Betsy ~ Yes.How many hours did you put into your cross stitch and how long did it take to destroy??Funny how it's not proportionate.I actually was saving all the items my two "angles" have destroyed,but realized it was one of my OCD things so am trying to just let it gooooo.

Maggie and Mitch said...

Bad boy, Hootie! hehehehe
Mitch sometimes pees like that sometimes and until mom sees the stream, sometimes it's hard to tell that he's going!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Molly and Taffy said...

Naughty Hootie. hee hee.
I would never do that!!!


Oh the joys of having a WT brother!!


Cassie said...

Maggie & Mitch ~ True. I actually heard this little tinkling sound.Naughty Hootie.

Molly & Taffy ~ Oh welcome to my blog.Another "brother/sister"WT/A pairing.I just visited your blog & LOVE it.The photos of you playing looked just like Baby & Hootie.And I LOL at Molly's wandering to the neighbors.Baby has gotten me in trouble doing that in N.Idaho.

Daisy said...

Oh dear. Hootie is in the doghouse for sure! Hang in there, Cassie. He will be trained eventually.

Anonymous said...

Ha! But he's so cute!