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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hootie Gets A Bath

First of all, this is not a paid advertisement. It might sound like one because I might rave as I tell you all about the coolest animal bathing system. I purchased the HydroSurge RapidBath last summer at a silent auction but never hooked it up to our shower in Idaho. Patrick took it to Phoenix & tonight he hooked it up in the guest bathroom. It is an extremely convenient method of giving a dog a bath. I used it for the first time tonight for bathing Hootie. The liquid soap packet snaps into an ergonomic handle that is attached to an 8ft. Hose. (The shape of the handle was very easy on my arthritic hands.) It literally only took three (3!!) minutes to suds him up and rinse him off. The handle has 3 settings: wash, rinse, light rinse. It was SO easy. It took me longer to sanitize the bathtub and clean up the bathroom than it did for the bath. I used the hypo allergenic shampoo this time (I purchased a variety pack of soap) because since he has been going to the dog park he has been itching. I think he may be allergic to the rye grass. I know I am. Anyway, Mr. Hootie is so fluffy and smells so good…at least for a little while. I am really impressed with this item and highly recommend it. If anyone wants more info on this here is the website: . BTW I used the rinse setting while washing my own hair tonight and it was better than our old shower attachment! Extra bonus!

Here is clean Hootie snoozing after a hard day of play. He has somehow snuck his way onto our bed. Oh well, he is nice and clean. He had a nice brushing after his hair dried. He likes to get groomed.

Had to throw a picture of Baby Rocket Dog in here too, even though she is still a dirty girl. When I took the pic of Hootie she covered her eyes. Awwwwww.


Noah the Airedale said...

Hey Hootie and BabyRocketDog,
Good to see you're both so relaxed. Hootie you're sparkling matie. Nice grooming job.
We're off to the groomers tomorrow for a very short airecut. It's so hot here at the moment so we're really looking forward to being cut short.

Have a great weekend.

Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

Cassie said...

Oh Noah & gang ~ Hope you have a fun time at the groomers!It always feels so good to get our hairs cut doesn't it? Smooches from pooches,BabyRocketDog & Hootie

Busy Bee Suz said...

this is so funny...and totally cute. The fact that you used it also just cracked me up. :)
Those pups are just adorable and not in the least spoiled are they???

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Gosh cassie---why are you abusing those doggies so much??? They look so abused!!! Poor Poor things!!!! ha ha ha

Glad you have such cutie pies!!!

Me said...

I wonder how this little gadget would work on my two toddlers?

reliv4life said...

how cool! wish I would have known about this when we had our 90lb short hair pointer!! oh well, maybe in the future...nothing like a clean dog, even if it is brief!

Maggie and Mitch said...

awwwwwww, who are they callin' dirty, Baby Rocket girlie?! You look pretty good to us!
What a hoot that Hootie is! Purple is definitely your color, Hootie!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Daisy said...

Hootie looks all spruced up, sweet and fluffy! Our dog Max gets his bath at the groomers, thank goodness. He's not much of a fan of that sort of thing. :D

Cassie said...

Danielle ~ He he.NO our pups aren't spoiled!
Michele ~ I haven't tried it on BRDog yet.Will let you know how long it takes on her,as she is not a good girl when it comes to grooming.
Maggie & Mitch ~ I think you are a bit prejudice,but in a good way;<)
sloppy kisses,BabyRocketDog Oh,Hootie says he is lovely in any color but favors the darker fall colors.
Daisy ~ Max sounds like Baby.She especially hates to get her hair brushed.As much of a stinker as Hootie is,he is great getting brushed & washed.

Jen said...

I dont' know if I like the smell of a clean dog or a puppy better. :)

Washing a dog in the tub is back breaking work!

Cassie said...

Jen ~ Tell me about it.My back is a mess to start with,so bending over like that is really insulting it!Ouch.I'll take Baby to Smelly Dog for her bath as their tubs are raised up so no bending over.I might even pay the extra $$ to have them wash her,since I'm kind of a wreck right now.