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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday #141

This was taken of our little family by another customer in front of Western Ranchman Feed Store in Phoenix. (Thanks tall, dark stranger!!) I love that horse with the Arizona flag on it and do see a few unspectacular shadows lurking. For more Shadow Shot Sunday just go see Tracy, our Australian hostess. She can be found at HeyHarriet. Sure hope your weekend is going great. love, Cassie

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday #140 ~ Hootie at the Condo

Hootie likes to walk to check the mail and maybe get to visit with a neighbor while he's in Phoenix. He is, in fact, wayyyy more sociable than I. I'm always glad when we go out and there are no people in sight. Since his full name is Hairy "Hootie" Houdini he has streaked out our front door like an escape artist more than once! Then the chase is on. Although normally he spends most of his day acting like my shadow, when he pulls one of his great escapes he acts like he has no idea who I am when I'm calling him. Drives me nuts. Luckily we're in a gated community so I eventually coral him.

For a plethora of Shadow Shots, just go visit Tracy, our hostess from Australia. She can be found at her blog,

Thanks for visiting today. Come again and God Bless your path. love, Cassie

Friday, January 14, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday #139 ~ On The Road To Arizona

This is my favorite shot! I took it from the passenger seat on I-90 in Western Montana.
Had no idea that taking it through a Windshield Sunscreen Tint Strip would produce this result.
I-15 driving toward Salt Lake City affords this stunning view of the Wasatch Mtns.
Montana ranch on I-90.
Snow fence in Montana from I-90. Montana, the beautiful Big Sky state.
This was the scene for a great deal of the drive on I-90 through Montana's ranch land.
Some Utah snow from I-15.
These hills were in southern Utah I think.
These redrocks were found heading toward Hoover Dam. The new bridge is up now, so the Dam was no longer in sight from the highway.
These two (top & bottom) were taken south of Kingman, AZ.
These are a mish-mash of Shadow Shots taken on the road from the Panhandle of North Idaho to Phoenix, Arizona (in no particular order).

Usually I'd say "For more Shadow Shots from around the world visit our Australian hostess, Tracy, at her blog Hey Harriet"...But, since Queensland is being hit hard with the La Niña flooding I'm not sure if she'll be posting this week. The last time I checked in on her she and her family were still safe, but things could change. Please keep her and our Australian comrades in your thoughts and prayers during this time of natural disaster. Please God, bless all who pass this way. love, Cassie

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hoarfrost in Mid-December ~ North Idaho

Early morning shots next to our North Idaho Post Office in mid-December. I didn't get any Christmas cards out in 2010, though I did frequent the Post Office. I'm thinking of creating my own card holiday in 2011. [Hellooooo Hallmark. Are you listening??]

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cool Box Give Away!

Sherry from The Farm House made a really cool little tchatchke box that's covered in poochie pictures. All you have to do is go over to her blog, post a comment and sign up as a follower and she'll enter you in her drawing. She has a really fun blog and since she has 2 Airedales. Alanis & Miró, I especially enjoy some of her tales. Please stop by and tell her Baby Rocket Dog sent you!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday #138 ~ More Seattle

Jessica took this shot of Patrick & I are with Hootie and Baby Rocket Dog.
See the Space Needle (to the right) in the background?
Shadows at Jessica and David's place in Seattle.

For Shadow Shots from around the world, get on over to Tracy's blog, Hey Harriet.

Hoping you're having a good weekend. Next week I'll thrill you with shadows from our road trip to Phoenix. Lots of snowy shadows. Are we there yet?? lol.

love, Cassie

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday #137 ~ Seattle Kitchen Shadows

Christmas morning we had a yummy brunch at Jessica and David's apartment. They fixed a nice egg pie & fresh fruit plate. We were so full afterwards that we had to move our Christmas meal reservations back another 2 hour to 4pm! I got some more Shadow Shots in Seattle that I'll share in the next few weeks.
Now, it's just January 1st here in the USA, but it's already the 2nd day of 2011 in Australia where our hostess Tracy lives. To wish Tracey a happy new year and see more Shadow Shots you can just click HERE! Happy New Year and many blessings to all my bloggie buddies!!
love, Cassie