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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas In Farrr North Idaho

 This wreath was a gift and came from The Wreath Farm.
 Hootie in his Christmas sweater he got from Jessica and David. 
Oh, and his snowman headband. He he.
 This is the manger from when I was a little kid in Pennsylvania.
 Joyeux Noël, Emmanuel!  That means Merry Christmas, God With Us!
 Patrick played ball with the dogs after our first big snow this week.
 This measurement was taken after we had shoveled the deck a few times!
Patrick has a hat that matches mine. They were gifts from Jessica & David.
 Our deck.
 The river.
 Baby Rocket Dog on our night time walk.
The cabin from a distance.
 These 2 photos are of Patrick clearing the snow off of our deck roof.
There were areas that had 4 feet of snow!
 He had a rope around his waist in case he started to fall.  
That didn't happen, thank goodness.
I want to wish all my friends in the blogisphere a 
Very Blessed Christmas!!

lots of love,