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Monday, October 26, 2009

A to Z Mondays ~ The Letter K

The letter K. KIN.
Top photo is my dad, Leslie, and his only sibling, Auntie Vi probably ca. 1930. Middle photo is (L to R) my oldest sibling, Harley, me and my younger brother, Wayne around 1955. Bottom photo is (R to L) Harley and me about 24 years ago on Zuma Beach.
Yes, now that Patrick bought me the scanner I can thrill you with pictures from yesteryear of my KIN!! Now all I have to do is dig through the 10 boxes of loose, framed and albumed photos to find some good ones. Here are a few that I have managed to dig up.
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love, Cassie

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our New Pantry ~ Step by Step

My finished, bi-fold doors. Aren't the pulls cool?? The one is a stone (from Misty Mtn) and the fish I got at a shop called Cabin Fever. This photo was at the end of my video, but for some reason the last few seconds aren't coming through. Oh well.

We have worked with Misty Mountain Furniture in Sandpoint, Idaho for over 6 years now and really appreciate their high quality craftsmanship. Their attention to detail is outstanding. Partners John & Chris made 2 built-in pieces for us for our little condo in Phoenix and we were so pleased with them that we knew we would try to work with them for some projects at our log cabin. They (re)built the stairs to our basement last year and installed a gate and some trim too. This year they built our pantry and the storage space in our mudroom, as well as another gate (to the loft) and the door for the utility room. Well, they haven't disappointed. I'm thrilled with the finished products. Hope you enjoy the little step by step video I made. (It took forever to upload the video, then it said ERROR. Drat. Now I'll try again. Hope my battery holds up so I can get this finished.)

Have a good week and blessings to all who read this blog.

love, Cassie

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A to Z Mondays ~ the Letter L ~ Дорогой длинною


n. A strong persistent yearning or desire, especially one that cannot be fulfilled.

I was over at friend John's blog the other day and he had a video of Bonnie Tyler with Only Men Aloud singing "Total Eclipse of the Sun". Sure enjoyed that blast from the past. I ventured back over to John's blog today and ended up on YouTube listening to the longer version, then I started listening to a bunch of other Bonnie Tyler videos and ended up with "Those Were The Days" (the version most Americans are familiar with was recorded in the 60's by Mary Hopkins)and from there---listened to all sorts of versions of that song! Leningrad Cowboys visuals were pretty edgy and fun, but decided to go with what is probably closest to the original Russian folk song: Дорогой длинною (pronounced: Dorogoi Dlinnoyu) . Oh yes, back to the letter L : this is probably one of the coolest songs ever written about LONGING. Enjoy.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

A to Z Mondays ~ The Letter M ~ Part 1 ~ LOTS more photos in part 2 just below this post

(Just double click on collages to bigify.)
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A to Z Mondays ~ The Letter M ~ Part 2


Saturday evening I attended a Murder Mystery Dinner to benefit Second Chance Animal Shelter (the local no-kill shelter). I had never attended one of these Murder Mysteries before, but thought it sounded like fun. I was not was a blast!! Set in the Roaring 20's on a cruise liner, The SS Canine Queen, we all attended an elite (yummy) dinner that was supposed to be put on by the Captain. Well, it turns out the Captain was murdered!! Clues flew around the cabin left and right and at the end of the evening we were told who the culprit was. I'm not going to reveal that, just in case someone else attends a similar Murder Mystery Dinner. To use a cliche', "a good time was had by all." Such fun, and for a worthy cause too. Hope you enjoy the photos.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A to Z Monday ~ The Letter N

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(Yes, I'm a day late...napping all day Monday!!)
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love, Cassie