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Friday, January 30, 2009

My 10 Honest Things (part 2 of 2)

This is me blogging in the car while up in farrr N.Idaho. Patrick snapped the photo.
1- I could easily live without a television, but never without a radio, cd or tape deck. I enjoy listening to my tunes too much.

2- I need to loose some poundage. I was 98# until I got into my 40’s, then my metabolism got messed up (thyroid cancer --- I didn’t know) and I gained lots of weight. Since I never dieted before, I can’t seem to do it now. I say I’m okay with the extra weight, but secretly (until now) am not happy about it.

3- I fancy myself to be something of a comedienne…I laugh a lot at my own jokes and sarcastic thoughts. Not everyone “gets” me.

4- I love to be alone. (I also love to spend time with Patrick. Okay, so I am a dichotomy!)

5- I’m beginning to think I might be addicted to blogs. Since returning to Phoenix I’m on my laptop every day.

6- I’ve been married to Patrick for over 20 years now, but was married more than once before. Nothing I’m proud of, but it’s the past and seems like a lifetime ago.

7- Though I put on a façade of being confident, I really am very shy & sometimes even depressed. I force myself to be outgoing.

8- Patrick just told me I should let you all know that I don’t suffer brats gladly. By that he means that I have little patience for naughty children (dogs yes, kids no). I also, like Suz, think I could be the Super Nanny.

9- I really do not like being in Phoenix. I miss our home in farrr N.Idaho and am counting down the days until I can return. [I have to keep reading my sign that says, “There is always, always, always something to be thankful for.” That helps pull me out of the dumps.]

AND last but not least:

10- Though I just said (#9) that I don’t like “being in” Phx, I wasn’t completely honest. Because, I do like Phx. for the following reasons: I met Patrick in Phoenix. I gave birth to my daughter in Phoenix. I was born again in Phoenix and came to have a personal relationship with Jesus in Phoenix. So, my life was saved in Phoenix. Forget #9. I always, always, always have something to be thankful for!


Me said...

I...of all people can understand being addicted to blogging. Because I AM! I love the photo of you sitting with your laptop. That says it all.

You are a woman after my own I love to be alone. I need human interaction at some point, but I find peace in being alone with myself and my thoughts.

Daisy said...

"There is always, always, always something to be thankful for." So true--Cassie! I enjoyed reading these and learning a bit more about you. Loved the picture of you blogging in the car too! :D

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Love your 10 Honesty thoughts, Cassie. I am definitely addicted to blogging also---and since I'm an organized person, I get frustrated when I am 'behind' on checking others' blogs.

I love music, CD's and the radio (in the car), but I could never, never, never go long without a TV. We have a TV in the computer room---and it's on most of the time.

Thanks for sharing... You are so right---"There's always--always-always something to be thankful for."


reliv4life said...

so true - if we count our blessing we suddenly remember all we have to be grateful for!!
I love TV. I don't know if I could pick between TV and my ipod though... oh, Tv would win I think. Although, I now watch most of my favorites on the computer anyway, all the major networks offer them... ok, now I am just rambling. I liked your honesty in your answers. I think you are wonderful woman - I would be sad to be away from MT for long.

Shellmo said...

Cassie - that photo of you in the car with your laptop is priceless! And I'm like you on #8 - my stepson and nephews behave 5 times better w/ me than they do w/ their parents, uncles & aunts. I say things once - with love. The 2nd time - you're going to your room. ha,ha! I think you & I should do the Supper Nanny show - LOL!!!
And I agree w/ your last statement - there is always something to be grateful for! :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love your list...really, we have lots in common. When I open my own comedy club, you can headline with me!!
I was always very thin too until around 36....perhaps I should check my thyroid, or eat less?
Love that picture!!!

Dorothy said...

Hi Cassie,
I enjoyed reading your list of ten things! Maybe now I feel like I know you a little better.

Jen said...

I love you even more! To see you sit there in your car like that with your lap top tells us all how much you love us too. :D
Your list sure is honest scrap..I admire you for that.

Cassie said...

Danielle ~ Yes, I think of you as the high priestess of blogging!

Daisy ~ It's hard to think of anything anyone would be interested in, so I just wrote what came into my head.

Betsy ~ I guessed you might be organized! I am too, but only in certain areas.

Michele ~ Thx! I never thought of watching tv on the computer. Now I have to check to see if Monk is on the computer;<)

Shelley ~ You know it is true:Most kids really seem to like me,even though they know I don't take any nonsense.I think they like that I set parameters for them & they know where I stand.

Suz ~ Ha!Wouldn't that be a hoot?I think I'm better at being in the audience though.Definately get your thyroid checked.Even if there is not thyroid disease in your family. Drastic changes in weight/mood/body temp/skin texture LOTS of things can be warning signals of thyroid disease. X-Dr.Cassie

Dorothy ~ I still want you to think of me as an enigma,okay?;<)

Oh Jen ~ You know I love you too. Yes, when up in Idaho I DO sacrifice for the art of the blog!he he

John Gray said...

cassie, re
our choir
you forget that Welshmmen are famous for their voices....
our village has only 100 houses, but most of the choir members are local......from our village of Trelawnyd and the neighbouring villages!

Cassie said...

John ~ That's right.I did forget.Well it's a choir to be proud of for sure. (Hootie, our infamous Welshman,actually has a very hilarious voice.He kind of yodels.I must try to get that on tape soon,in case his voice changes.He makes Pat & I laugh at him every time he makes that strange sound.:0)