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Monday, August 24, 2009

Z to A Monday ~ The Letter T

Yes, even in farrr North Idaho we have televisions! Patrick and I don't have cable or dish, just a little antenna that helps to get in 3 of the 4 "big" networks and 5 public stations sometimes. Never the less, I still like to watch "the boob tube" on occasion and often have it keeping me company in the background while I'm reading at night. Well, a few weeks ago my (almost) new TV died. It's a sweet little Sharp flat screen that Patrick got with his 35 year award at his company in February. We didn't even open the box 'til we got up here in May, so I was shocked that it didn't even bleep when I turned it on one morning to check the weather. I plugged it in to different outlets and ... nothing. So I called Sharp and they said they would send me an email with instructions and a label to send it back to them. It cost $24.00 have it boxed and shipped to them in Illinois and I was a little miffed. I was anticipating a long drawn out affair. Much to my surprise within a week they overnight FedExed me a new TV!! I was ecstatic because the old one never seemed loud enough and the new one has great sound. Sharp has definitely won me over as a return customer. So, my word for today is TELEVISION...a Sharp one!!
For more A to Z's go visit Jen. Have a good week.


Busy Bee Suz said...

It is so nice when you have good customer service with a large company. Enjoy your TV!!! I wish I did not watch as much as I do...must work on that. :)

Rev. Paul said...

It's wonderful to have such good service. Enjoy! You never know when such service might (or might not) happen again!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well Hooray for Sharp, Cassie. We have a Sharp microwave and it has been with us for several years and is working well... I've always like Sharp--so I'm glad to here that you had such a good experience.

I wouldn't last too long without my satellite dish (or cable). We don't watch network shows much ---and are always on the cable stations. SO--I'd not be a happy camper without it. ha

Great "T" word..... Hooray for a new Television set.

Dorothy said...

Hi Cassie,
I'm glad you had a good experience with Sharp! That always gives you a good feeling.

Jen said...

Happy Monday Cassie!
Life without a televison........I couldn't even begin to imagine.
Horray to Sharp for taking care of you. ;)

Grandma J said...

Good for you! I had a TV that was perfect except the sound kept getting softer and softer, so I had to get a new one. Yours is adorable

Dawn said...

i hate that you had to pay the $24... but i'm so happy they worked so quickly to get your tv back to you! hope there will be something good showing soon!

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Isn't it TERRIFIC when you get great customer service!!


Daisy said...

I'm so glad they were so cooperative in replacing the TV for you, Cassie! That kind of service seems to be a rarity these days. Have a good weekend! :)