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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Odds 'n Ends...

Seemingly innocent little angels, right? Pictures #2 & #3 are of a once whole, and quite whimsical fish. I made the mistake of leaving the pooches at home alone the other day and came home to find my fish (which was ON the table) laying on the floor in the chewed up state you see him in. I wish I had a before photo, 'cause he was really adorable. I kept candies in him on the table. Oddly, the candies were still in tact scattered on the table. Do you suppose some ghost dogs came in and did that damage? I can't imagine that my little darlings would do such a thing. Hmmmmm.

The "flower pot" with the geranium in it was once a sugar bowl. My buddy Maria sent me the sugar bowl and it had the sweetest lid. An acorn was the handle. Well, I dropped the lid about a month ago and was heart broken. Pat drilled a hole in the bottom of the bowl for me and now I have a nice little planter. He's going to figure out a way to resurrect the acorn for me too. Clever man.

Okay, I gotta go now, but not before I put out a special prayer request to my friends out there. Tomorrow night at 7pm Ricky Skaggs will be performing a free concert in Bonners's a gift to the community from Mtn. Springs Church, a new church here. (I'm going to help at the information booth.) Anyway, the weather report calls for rain & the concert is outdoors. Could you all pray that it is clear for the concert?? Thanks in advance.

love, Cassie

ps-As of 245pm Friday no stormy weather!! A few gray clouds. Keep on prayin'!!


Rev. Paul said...

"Gray skies are gonna clear up,
put on a happy face..."

No rain, it is!

Shelley said...

I'll be sending prayers your way for a sunny day! Those pooches of yours look innocent enough to me! ha,ha!! Love that planter!

Daisy said...

Aw...they look so innocent! Look at them all sweet and posed on their little pillow. HA! Looks can be deceiving.

Wishing you lots of sunshine, Cassie!

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Ricky really gets around. He was at our Blue Ridge Music Center this past Saturday. I pray all goes well and you collect many donations for your church.

BRD and Hootie - the little angels had me fooled.


Dorothy said...

Would like to be there to hear Ricky Scaggs, rain or shine! Hope you will be singing, "Blue Skies, Smiling at me, nothing but blue skies do I see!"

Grandma J said...

I could always tell by the look on my dog's face that he had been up to no good. Your pooches are adorable.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Cassie, We're home from vacation and I'm catching up. Did those two adorable babies get in trouble for chewing up the 'fish'??????? They don't look too abused!!!! ha

Hope your concert was good---and that there wasn't any rain...

Have a great week.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cassie....Me again!!! Check my blogs (yesterday's and today's). I wrote 'my' story..

trailrider731 said...

gotta love those critters don't we, they bring us down to Earth when we most need it!

I look forward to checking out your blog,

The Best is Yet to come!!!