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Monday, August 17, 2009

Z to A Monday ~ The Letter U

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Upright: honorable

These pictures were taken at Meadowlark Log Homes and Farm to Market Store outside of Libby, Montana. Meadowlark is owned and operated by an Amish family with the surname Miller (my maiden name!). Our dealings with the Amish have been undeniably wonderful. Brothers Elvie, Joas and Lloyd and sister Leona are at the heart of the operations. CBS Construction, who raised our cabin for us, is owned by Amish brothers Corneal, Benjamin, Stephen & Marcus Girod and we love them too! We are utterly pleased with our log cabin that they made and feel like we made friends for life. These folks are some of the most honest, upright people that we have ever done business with. Also, Patrick and I are in unison with their support of Israel and admire that they are unashamed to show it. So today I am pleased to introduce you to the upright folks of Meadowlark Log Homes and CBS Construction.

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Jen said...

Happy Monday to U Cassie!
Great Udeniably a great U post!
Lots of Amish around where my husband is from in Norther Ohio. They have done a lot of work for his family and they are artist with the wood fUr shUr!
(maybe some day I will get farrrr north to see that cabin. ;)

Margaret said...

They seem like great people. I went to college in Ohio, and shared many a bus ride with the Amish. Later in life, my college room mate had her barn raised by them. She has nothing but great things to say about them.

Anonymous said...

Great post Cassie and so happy that you had a positive experience with the log cabin.

Ben said...

Interesting post and lots of U words there! we live on the edge of Amish Ohio and find them to live up to the adjective you used. Their handshake is usually as good as a contract.

Dorothy said...

This is a good choice for the U post. They do really good wood-work so I know your Log Cabin is nice! Have a good week!

Busy Bee Suz said...

This is great Cassie. In a time when it is hard to find caring people to work/deal with, it is nice to see you have had a great experience with these folks!!!

Daisy said...

Nice choice for the letter "U," Cassie. Amish folks run a local fruit and vegetable stand here in my town. Upright they are here too! :D

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cassie, I SO admire the Amish.. Sometimes I wish WE were more like them. They are UPRIGHT people --in every respect.

Great "U" word..

Lynne said...

It's great when you meet people through business who you respect so much or are such nice people that they then become friends. We've found that to be the case with the Swedish people we have met here.
I really admire the Amish quilts. I would love to see some of their quilts for real.
An honorable U word indeed.

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Hi Cassie,

What an UPLIFTING post.


Joy said...

Hi Cassie,
Thanks for telling us to take a look. Great Pictures and post. We feel honored. My husband Corneal and his three brothers, Benjamin, Stephan, and Marcus had so much fun building your house, Our children still talk about your cat, with the bushy tail :) We consiter you both very special friends. Bonnie