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Monday, August 3, 2009

Z Back to A Monday ~ The Letter W

Wow, too many W words to name them all!

Walking Sticks - My father always used to use a walking stick when he would survey his land. The stick pictured on the left is made of sassafras wood and was a stick I purchased for Daddy a few years before he died. After he was gone my mother thoughtfully gave it to me. I love it. The stick on the right, which I just bought for Patrick a few weeks ago, is probably pine. It was made by Nathanial, a young man whose father makes his living building log furniture. (His dad built our loft bathroom cabinet.)

Wanderlust - This is what my pooches get every once in awhile, just when I begin to trust the little stinkers to stay around the cabin. Yes, those adorable dogs will run off and totally ignore my calling them. Maybe they’ll even turn around and glance at me before heading into the woods like 2 whippets. This causes me to get very upset as you might guess. We are going to have to invest in an underground fence I’m afraid. :>(

Way Up North - One of my favorite blogs! Rev. Paul writes this one and I wish I could get over there to read it more often. He has a really diverse bunch of posts ranging from the weather reports in Anchorage to updates on volcanic activity of Mt. Redoubt to patriotic themes and jokes!

Woven Broom - The very looooong broom laying on our hearth is from the North Woven Broom, a shop in Crawford Bay, B.C. Canada. It’s for getting cobwebs in high places! I’ll do a post devoted to this very cool shop at a later date. (They made the Harry Potter brooms!!)

Whitefish, Montana - One of my favorite places. Years ago we used to spend our summers up on the Big Mountain at Whitefish. That is when we cultivated our love for the farrr north country in the Pacific Northwest.

Wonderful Guy - Yup, that's my Patrick! His big ole Patrick head is plastered on the side of the United Blood Services of AZ bus, 'cause he's a hero. Now his head really does need its own weather system. hehehe.

Wave - Bye bye for now! Please check out Jen’s blog for more Z to A players.

love, Cassie aka: Waskle Wabbit


Rev. Paul said...

Cassie, you're very kind to say those nice things about my blog. Thank you.

It's good to see Patrick up & about, as well as decorating local transportation!

Thanks again.

Grandma J said...

Very interesting W's!! I love walking sticks. When I lived in a rural area in So CA I carried a walking stick when I walked my dog...basically to detect snakes that would lurk near the path.

Dorothy said...

Wow! you found so many W's for this post. I barely found one! Nice post. I trust that Patrick is still improving. Blessings!

Jen said...

WoW! Looks like W Was the letter for you. :D
Happy Monday Cassie- my best to Pat and a spanking to the Terriers from me!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

This is so cute Cassie. I love all your W's this week. Waskle Wabbit? I love this!!!

Margaret said...

WOW! Seven w's for the price of one! And they're all good. We have a special walking stick, too. My husband's family took it on a trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Ben said...

I could have used that walking stick last week in the Smokeys! Nice list of W's. All good.

Anonymous said...

W was a great letter for you. I, too, love walking sticks and I enjoyed this post very much. Hope you have had a good day.

Dawn said...

i love your "w" words! those walking sticks look really neat. cam & eric had matching "twisted gum" sticks, but cam left his behind on his last scouting camp-out- eek!
and you are always so sweet to mention your wonderful guy... i hope that very soon he is out of that sling thing!

Daisy said...

Wonderful collection of "W" words for today, Cassie. Hurray for Patrick--hope he is feeling much better by now. Those walking sticks are really neat! Happy Monday to you! :D

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Wonderful W's. My Dad always used a walking stick when surveying the estate too!! Just touching it brings back soooo many wonderful memories - I miss him so.

And I have a cobweb broom too - from the looks of things I need to see if it really works.

Have a great evening.