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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nice Job Inland Masonry

We had front steps built and cultured stonework done on the front of our cabin in June. These pictures (kind of) show the process. I visited a booth that Matthew & Julia Shetler had in Montana at the Amish auction in May & set up an appointment for Matt to come give us an estimate. He gave estimates on getting the whole (outside) including walkout basement done, as well as just the front house band and steps. We were very grateful that he broke it down like that and that he was willing to do just the front. Our budget did not allow for the whole shebang to get done, as much as I would have loved that. The steps and landing were made of concrete block then covered with a golden slate that is native to this part of N. Idaho. The house band was done with Pennsylvania Weather ledge a product of Dutch Quality Stone. We think the guys from Inland Masonry, Eli and Joe, did a great job. Inland Masonry is a family business for brothers Matt and Eli and Joe is their cousin. (All the fellows are members of the Mennonite church that Patrick and I attend up here.) For three years we had a crude wooden ramp to our front door, so we rarely even used the front door. Now we can put 2 chairs on the little porch and just sit and enjoy the east morning sun in the summer.


reliv4life said...

It looks beautiful!

Jen said...

They did great work! And I really like the stones you picked.
I like seeing the building process.
By the way-thanks for your latest comment on my blog-I love yours too!

Shellmo said...

I loved seeing this!! I want to get this done too on our cabin foundation. I hope you post more pics!

Dorothy said...

Looks great! I know you were happy to get this done. Enjoy!

Daisy said...

Great workmanship. The stones are very pretty! It is always a relief when these sorts of projects are finished especially when they turnout so well. :)

Dorothy said...

You have been tagged. Drop on by and get the rules..........

cathouse teri said...

What a fun blog! And I'm so glad you have a husband who is sweet to you and is your best friend.

Love the cabin!

And thanks for dropping by. :)

Cassie said...

Michele ~ Thanks. Will have to wait to get the rest of the stonework done, but it was a start.

Jen ~ I am originally from Pennsylvania, so the stones name was half the attraction. Oh we do belong to a mutual admiration society. Remember that song??

Shelly ~ Oh gosh, my guess is it won't take you the 4 years it has taken us to get ours done! My next "cabin post" will be of the pine stairs & trim we had done leading to our basement. Stay tuned.

Dorothy ~ You betcha! (to quote my new favorite VP candidate) Now I need to pick up on the 'tag' you hit me with. I'm not good at quick reciprication!

Daisy ~ Thx. We aren't really done with it yet though. Maybe in the next couple years? The major part of the skirt is still favorite print. Did you know that is what the Post Office uses for their mailers?!

Teri ~ Thank you for dropping by. Your blog is fun also. We sure do love our half done cabin too!