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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Find 5 Differences

Dorothy challenged me to spruce up the cabin in a Fall fashion after I made a joke about Hootie eatting my one silver maple leaf the other day. I actually already had the table "dolled up", but decided to do the window in front of my kitchen sink. Forgot to take any pics of the table, but here are 2 pictures of my newly Autumn decorated window. (Fall & Autumn are the same, right?) Anyway, I took 2 pictures at about the same angle, but changed 5 things in the second picture. Can you spot the differences? First responce gets a great big Baby Rocket Dog kiss. Hootie has taken to eatting deer and turkey poo lately, so his puppy lips are off limits for a while. I hope he outgrows this newest bad habit. He's disgusting. Anyway, have fun playing my silly little game! May the Lord of heaven & earth bless you today and throughout the weekend. Love, Cassie


Dorothy said...

Okay Cassie, since I got you into this, I'll play.
In the second picture
1. the fish is turned the opposite direction.
2. the flowers in the vase have been re-arranged.
3. The midddle candle is burning.
4. The squash is in a different position.
5. the little ceramic piece is turned so you can see the face.

Did I Win? Did I Win? If so, I think I'll pass on the reward, thanks anyway;-)

Shellmo said...

Dorthoy beat me to the punch!
Cute decorations by the way!

Jen said...

Fun game :). but I find six. ??
Everything Dorothys said and the sixth is the faucet is turned around.

Cassie said...

Okay, you are all winners. Here's a big,sloppy one from Baby: Numnumnumnumnumnumnumnum!!! Slurp!

Dorothy said...

Thanks Cassie! Now I need a towel to wipe off the sugar;-)

Jen said...

I love dog kisses. Thnx