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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blogging News & A White Christmas

We spent our first 3 nights at the Bellvue Hilton before Christmas last year,so I bought this red tree to brighten up our room. The last 4 nights we stayed at Jess & David's so hauled our little tree along and set it up in their kitchen. It's so gaudy, that it's pretty! These are a few of my snowmen. They are living in boxes at the present, but they might come out for Christmas. David sang with a group on Christmas Eve at Horizon 4-Square Church in 2007. He's the 3rd from the left. Here David is with a couple of his friends from the church. Don't they look Butch Cassidy-ish?? This is the darling daughter,Jessica Rose & her sweetheart, David John.
Patrick showed me how to type my blog on msworks from the cabin and transfer it to my blog online later. Now I don’t have to use up all my laptop power & time on composing my blog. The most time used will be getting the pictures to upload. That’s very nice because now when I go downtown to use the library’s wireless internet I have more time to read everybody else’s blogs. I guess I’m learning slowly but surely! :<)
Good news! This year we will be celebrating the birth of our Lord in N. Idaho. I am very excited about this, since it will be our first Christmas up here. In past years Patrick & I have snowbirded down to Phoenix by the end of November, then gone to Seattle to celebrate Christmas with Jessica & David. Of course, we had to board both Baby Rocket Dog and Chuck (our old cat) when we flew off to WA., not to mention the fact that I was still in the process of getting acclimated to being back in the city. Of course, now I face a whole new set of challenges since most all of my Christmas decorations are down in Phoenix. Pat has one more trip back up here before his (o/w) Christmas trip, so I guess he’ll have his suitcase stuffed full of decorations. Unfortunately Alaska Airlines is now charging for the 2nd suitcase and US Air charges for any checked bag. What a swizz! Jessica & David will drive over from Seattle and probably go skiing/snowboarding on Schweitzer while here. They both were part time instructors at Snoqualmie Pass Ski Resort a few years ago & should have fun doing a new mountain. We haven’t seen them since they flew to Phx last April so I can hardly wait. Both Jessica and David are born again Christians with a deep love for Jesus, so their presence is always so uplifting. Iron sharpening iron and all. I am SO excited to have a white Christmas this year with the family!


Daisy said...

That's quite a collection of snowmen you have there Cassie! I bet you will have a wonderful time decorating with them this year. Hope you enjoy having a white Christmas for a change. :D

reliv4life said...

congrats on figuring out another blog step! I barely know the basics! I LOVE Christmas in the north with lots of snow - nothing better!

Jen said...

You will most likely have a white Christmas then! We have them occasionaly and it just makes it magical!
Your daughter and son in law are precious-enjoy your time with them.

Laughing at your tree - reminds me of our first one, but at least it was green. We've come a long way baby! lol