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Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Moose OR Cool As A Moose

I took these 2 pictures in June 2007. I believe the young female that frequents our place now is one of the twins from these pictures. She seems quite comfortable on our property.
No joke, this is the female moose in the woods next to our cabin. It was dusk, but wasn't dark out, but my little camera couldn't catch the daylight. I thought it was kind of cool how her eyes reflected the camera flash.


Shellmo said...

I would love to see a moose! You're so lucky!! Those eyes in the dark cracked me up!

Dorothy said...

Boy, that moose is a long-legged one! I'll take your word that a moose is behind those scary eyes in the dark!

Jen said...

Love it...and so does my hubby.
Now we need to see the Mr.

Daisy said...

These are great pictures, Cassie! How cool to get to see a moose in person. I'm laughing it up over the eyes in the dark--HA! :D

reliv4life said...

I LOVE moose. When we are out and about in Montana, they are my favorite animals to see!

Cassie said...

Shelly ~ There are so many moose up here that nobody even seems to care when there is a dead one along side the road.:>( I lol at the silly dark picture too.

Dorothy ~ Don't we wish our legs were from here to there?!

Jen ~ I know there has to be a Mr. somewhere, but have never seen him. Oh BTW, I got my hubby a Game Spy camera for his birthday on Sept.30th. He thought it was really a great idea. Only problem is I only got 4 D batteries & it takes 6...he took it back to Phx with him. I'm sure he'll get plenty of wild game shots there.

Daisy ~ Thx.I'm still enthralled with moose myself. Saw my first one 13 years ago in Montana & have been hooked ever since.

Michele ~ Yup, me too. Oh, next to Airedales of course!

Cassie said...

Dorothy, what happened to your modern picture? I mean, you were a cute kid and all, but I just LOVED your silver fox picture.

Jen said...

Can't wait to see the game camera pictures you guys get. Your hubby sure has a nice wife. :D