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Sunday, May 4, 2008

On Our Way

Here we are in Provo, Utah. Not quite half way to our place in Farrrrr North Idaho. Patrick read our morning devotions and that will have to do as church for this week. Had a tasty buffet breakfast around 630am. Patrick did all the driving yesterday, so I will probably help out today. I was SO zonked yesterday. Got zero sleep in preparing for the trip so had a free pass to be the passenger on Saturday. Of course, the Subaru is packed so full my floor space was minimal...purse and large goodie bag took up most. Quite uncomfortable, but better than being the driver! ;<) We are getting ready for check out now. Stayed at the Hampton Inn. Quite acceptable. Baby had sudden bursts of barking which we found were caused by a yappy little dog across the hall. So much for a peaceful night sleep. Better sign off now. Keep our journey in your prayers please. This might be the last one for a while. No land line at our place in N.Idaho but might be able to connect at the Visitors Center. love & peace, Cassie

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