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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Goodbye Chuckie Boy

I wasn't able to say goodbye to Chuck today. Baby Rocket Dog & I went to the dog park and Patrick picked him up while we were gone and took him to the Humane Society. He had to fill in a form that told about who Chuck is. He said the ladies who waited on him were very nice and didn't act judgemental. I couldn't say goodbye to him, because I tried for several days in a row and got myself all upset. Yesterday was going to be the day, but by the time Pat got home from work I had worked myself into a tizzy. I was crying all day long because even though Chuck has been horrible lately....[Peed several times on bath mats. Defecated in the bath tubs. Bit my wrist when I was petting him. Etc, etc.]....I still love him and hoped upon hope he would straighten up. He is already on Prescriptive c/d food that we could only purchase from the vet and the last 2 times we had his urine tested it was clean with no crystals, stones or infections. It was obviously behavioral and just was not getting any better. We had discussed the problem over and over and knew that the best thing for us to do was to give him up. It was a really hard decision. This is no normal Persian cat. He knows how to beg, sit and lay (all for treats of course). He is very smart and absolutely beautiful to look at. I hope that someone adopts him quickly. He hates to be in those cages that they have at the vets. They make him become more surly than usual. He hisses and acts like a wild cat. That won't endear him to any perspective adopter. Well, it is done and I just hope he gets a nice home that makes him happy. A lady I spoke to at the dog park works at the shelter Pat left him at and she said if he isn't gone by next weekend she will feature him on Pets On Parade, the local Saturday TV show for the Humane Society. We'll be up in N. Idaho by then, so will miss his TV debut. I actually felt like a load was off my shoulders for a time today, but once again I'm feeling very sad. To you who read this, please say a little prayer for Chuck the cat, and for me too. Thank you in advance. May the Lord of heaven and earth bless you and keep you. Because He lives, Cassie

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Jen said...

This is so sad for you. I hope Chuck finds his place in this world. I had an eight week old Chihuahua that was a Beast (crazy mean) that I had to give up, and I felt bad too, but it had to be done...
We both know an Airedale would never behave this way. ;)