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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dogs & Friends

The past few days have been somewhat hectic. Went to Sandpoint to have my glaucoma checked (I'm doing great.) and left Baby Rocket Dog with Lucy, her Airedale friend in Sandpoint. Patrick & I met Jon, Lucy's owner, while he was walking her last year and we were amazed at how much she & Baby looked alike. Turns out they are only weeks apart in age. Jon gave an invitation to bring Baby by anytime we are in town and let her play in his & Mary's back yard with Lucy. The 2 dogs haven't seen each other since last October but immediately became partners in crime. They acted like sisters. Sweet. It was a good thing for me, as the ophthalmologist appt. was for 9 & 10am, so I didn't get out until around 1045am. I then stopped at the Litehouse store and picked up some yummy cilantro salad dressing. They were completely out of cheese curds. I guess that was a good thing for me. When I picked Baby up she and Lucy were still nosing around together and they got really wild when I opened the gate. Two 55# dogs vying for ones attention. I forgot to take a picture. I'll try to remember next time. It is so nice of Jon & Mary to let Baby visit. My buddy, Cathi, had decided kind of at the last minute, that she wanted to fly up here in June with Mandi. We were both excited about it for a few days, but it isn't going to work out, so the excitement has faded. Next year will probably be best, that way she can get advanced airfares that should be a lot less expensive. We hope. She & Mandy visited me when we were renting on Schweitzer Mountain & her hubby was good with them coming again. I told her I think she should make the trip with Mark too, because if he falls in love with the area maybe they will buy some land. Also, I'm not sure Cathi has any idea how "rustic" our cabin is....there is still so much that needs work and she is a city girl. It'll be interesting to see how she reacts when she does make it up here. Okay, I must go now. God bless you all richly. love from the top of the U.S., Cassie


reliv4life said...

I have only read a few posts, but really like your blog! I am in MT, but originally a TX girl. We have been up here for 10 years and really love it. We built our own log house as well, and live in it while finishing. It is nearly done - yea!!!

Shellmo said...

I'm sure your friend will love your "rustic cabin"!