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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Greetings From Far North Idaho

Greetings & salutations from far North Idaho. Baby Rocket Dog & I are sitting here at a picnic table at the Selkirk International Loop Visitors Center. She just got her first grownup Airedale haircut today and looks like a different dog. Much less puppy-ish. Spent the day down in Sandpoint while she got groomed and did all kinds of errands for Patrick. He stayed at the cabin working like a slave. He is sanding (& sanding) the inside logs. It's a tough job, but saves LOTS on hired labor. We are in no big hurry, so should be done by 2014....about retirement time we're thinking. He does all the sanding by hand, then the two of us treat the logs and clear coat them. I am the official chinker and that job should be done by 2020....or upon my death! I chink a little, then sit back and enjoy the beauty of it for a few weeks, then chink a little more. Basically I'm enjoying the trip. hmmmm. The temp in the cabin has been "brisk" and I am loving it. It will get warm soon enough so we are just enjoying the cold. A fire in the fireplace heated the place up to 66 degrees, so I didn't do that again. Up until 3 days ago was working like crazy on all sorts of odd jobs. He fixed the dog kennel (which had a badly bent upper brace), picked up several bags of bark from the ground, hoisted the dog house (for me to paint) and many more 'honey-do' jobs. We have had some relaxation too though. Went to Montana and spent time with our friend Ilse for Mother's Day. Spent the night Sat. night and had a nice, but short, visit. Well, I better get back up to the cabin and get to work too. Patrick deserves a nice meal after eating saw dust all day! May our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ bless and keep you. Have a great day & rest of the week. Love, Cassie

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Shellmo said...

Was happy to have a fellow "cabinite" visit my blog. Enjoyed reading your posts. We are still doing interior work as well - but it's all worth it. I feel blessed every time we enter our log home. All the best to you!