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Monday, May 5, 2008

Blessings & Surprises in Dillon, Montana

It's a small world after all. Yesterday when we stopped for gas and to peruse the Rocky Mountain Country Store in Dillon, MT Patrick was surprised when someone said from behind him, "What's going on here?". He was checking the oil & turned around to see Lou Lanton, a young serviceman who used to go to Pastor Manny's Bible study down in Phoenix!! Lou & his wife of 6 years, Nicole, were traveling from Mt. Home Air Force Base with their two little ones to Helena to visit Nicole's Uncle. What a wonderful surprise for us. Pat said God knew that we always stop at that same gas station/store every trip we make to & from Idaho so that's how Lou was guided there. We had a nice mini-visit while pumping gas and got a cowboy to take a group picture of us. If I can figure out how to transfer the pic I will post it at a later date. Oh, Lou now has his bachelors degree and he plans on going into the ministry in the future. For now though, he is heading back to Iraq for another 6 months. Please remember to keep Lou in prayer and also his young family. The children are little Louie, 3yrs, and Eliyana, 2 years. We are getting ready to leave Missoula, MT right now. Spent the night at the Red Lion Inn, a tradition we started years ago while traveling with our daughter, Jessica and our 1st Persian, Surprise. Chuck the Cat was here every year we had him and Baby Rocket Dog is now on her 2nd year here. She was really noisey last night. Every strange noise made her bark.....lots of strange noises I guess. Anyway, Patrick is all packed up, so I better sign off. Really wanted to tell about our Dillon blessing while I still have access to internet. May the Lord bless and keep all who read this blog. Always in His care, Cassie

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