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Monday, September 20, 2010

Color ~ The New Black ~ Brown!

This is my favorite brown eyed girl, my only daughter Jessica. She started out, at birth, with black hair and black eyes. After a few months her eyes changed to brown and her hair turned blonde. Between then and now her hair has been a few different lovely colors, one of my faves being blue. Now it is a beautiful chestnut brown. The woodwork in her and David's apartment is all deep brown. Even that screen behind her is brown. Wow, score!
Brown is my main color at the cabin. I've been told I'm "an earth tone", and I guess it shows! This little brown alpaca was just a few days old when I took this picture at the county fair.
These are my favorite t-shirts...all different shades of brown due to lots of wear! Life IS good! I had to include our brown bathmat here, since it is so soft (& absorbent!) and reversible too.

For more COLOR entries, just stop by our hostess, Jen's blog, Unglazed. Hope you all have a good week and find all the small blessings in your daily life.

love, Cassie


Dorothy said...

Hi Cassie,

Love your Browns! I like the way your doggie is framed by the window. The little Alpaca is so cute!!! Happy new week to you!

Margaret said...

Love the browns..especially those two doggies of yours. Though, that alpaca is adorable! Let's hear it for earth tones!
have a good week ahead.

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful selections for Brown Monday Cassie! Your daughter is beautiful.

Loui♥ said...

Hi Cassie..
i agree with #1..
if my son had brown eyes..
then he'd be mine!
Love the furbabies..
they are my kinda browns..
excellent choices!!
warm sandy hugs..

Busy Bee Suz said...

We are both 'earth tone' girls!!!
Jessica is a lovely young lady....surely she did blue well too!

George said...

You've got a great "Brown' post here. The alpaca is cute and you have a very beautiful daughter. Earth tones look great in your cabin.

leavesnbloom said...

Great browns Cassie - especially your brown eyed girl.

Wishing everyone Shana Tova - Happy New Year and awaiting this special day to be fulfilled in prophecy.

Janet said...

All the other colors go with earth tones. The baby alpaca is adorable.

SusanB-knits said...

Great brown pictures! The baby alpaca is so cute.

Jen said...

Well, brown goes well with cabins, what can we say!
Love it! and I see a twinkle in the eye of that brown eyed girl. Have a great week Cassie.

Daisy said...

Wonderful browns, Cassie! Your daughter is lovely! I love the pictures of your pups, and that alpaca is adorable. I thought it was a stuffed toy at first glance! Happy Monday to you. :D

Ben said...

Looks like you didn't have to go far to have brown taken care of! Love the baby alpaca. And those dogs blend right in with their earth tones.

The Japanese Redneck said...

Great choices for brown. Luv your pictures.

fredamans said...

Wonderful collection of browns!

John Gray said...

cassiethat comment to janets blog was useful and very kind!!!

John Gray said...

send me your address cassie
I have a band for youxxxxxxx

Kay L. Davies said...

Brown is becoming one of my favorite colors, too, recently, after years of blues and pinks and purples. Maybe brown is coming into its own. Goes well with black for fashion statements.
Thank you for visiting my blog. I love visitors.

Alberta, Canada