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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some People Are Like Slinkies...

Posted by PicasaHe he he. Love this poster.

Slinkies always remind me of a really old, really funny Saturday Night Live skit with Gilda Radnor and Bill Murray where Lisa talked about her father, Mr. Loopner. She explained how he had no spine so was curled up like a slinky in a dog bed. She said he was the inventor of the slinky. he he. The image has never left my warped mind. I love slinkies and even purchased one a few years ago at Restoration Hardware. Unfortunately the stairs (for all levels) at our cabin are too deep, so the slinky can only take one step, then stops. Phooey!


Rev. Paul said...

That's wrong on SO MANY levels ... I love it!

Busy Bee Suz said...

That poster is too cute....and really true too.
I loved the Lisa Loopner skits..but I don't recall that one.
I could never get my slinkies to do much....I have slinky envy if you can. ;0

Karen said...

I had slinkies growing up and we had the perfect steps for them. My brother and I would always race them to see who's was the best (even though they were both identical, I knew mine was better), somehow his would always end up getting tangled up! Huh, wonder how that happened! lol

Anonymous said...

I loved slinkies too as a kid. It used to drive my cat crazy to watch it go down the steps.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Isn't it amazing how toys like Slinkies are so simple --yet are still loved by kids, even today???? All of those fancy-dancy, EXPENSIVE toys just don't hold a candle to a Slinkie!!!

This is not nice, but I can think of LOTS of people in our Govt. that I'd like to push down a flight of stairs. I'd be smiling--from JAIL... ha

Cassie said...

Rev.Paul ~ Like I said, warped minds! he he.

Suz ~ I'm thinking that skit was one of the first ones, but not sure.Really a funny one.

Karen ~ Yes! The stairs in the house I grew up in(over our hardware store) had terrific slinky steps too.

Mildred ~ We never had cats, but I know we had a blast with the old slinky.

Cassie said...

Betsy ~ YOU shock me! ha ha. I'm right there with you in the cell girl!

Shellmo said...

This poster made me laugh wickedly! I had a slinky that someone gave me at work as a joke a few years ago - but Marvin wrecked it. Cats & slinkies don't go together - LOL!

Rosemarie said...

The girls have had only one encounter with a slinky so far - and they were so little it really didn't do anything for them. I'll have to try it again!

John Poole said...

Remember the slinky pull toys? A slinky for the body and each end was some kind of animal. The only one I actually remember was the glow worm slinky (or was it a caterpiller?). Anyway...those slinky pull toys DID NOT go down the stairs that well!

You're just so twisted, Cassie! :-)

Rocky Creek Scotties said...

Love the poster!! and adore slinkies. I used to make the mistake of purchasing them for kids until I realized that they weren't patient enough to play with one and that they ended up in a mess of wire. A slinky is for the more refined taste of an adult LOL!!

Have a great day.

Cassie said...

Shelly ~ I heard your wicked laugh! Ditto here!

Rosemarie ~ I hope your stairs are good slinky stairs or the twins will be disappointed.Fingers crossed!

John ~ I never had the slinky with the head & tail---I remember seeing a wiener dog slinky though I think they were after my childhood. Hey, I'll take twisted as a compliment!he he.

Lynn ~ He he,yes, I agree. (I fear I'm actually falling back into childhood mentally!)

Daisy said...

HA HA! That was great! Love the poster, Cassie. We had a slinky when we were kids. It would go all the way down the stairs into the basement just fine. Except after two or three times, we kids would get tired of going down to get it and bring it to the top of the stairs again, so it would just sit down there at the bottom of the stairs in the basement all alone. HA! :D

Martha Basset said...

Hi Guys
Loved the slinkies joke! Thanks for the Arizona sunshine - it was here all day and made us feel happy.
We are not experts in ivy but think it would grow anywhere - we reckon it is taking over our world!
Happy to send you cuttings if you think it would survive the journey.
Thanks for visiting us.
Martha & Bailey xx

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