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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Our First Snow - Thursday, November 6th

It has been snowing in the mountains surrounding us for some time now, but Thursday was our first snow at the cabin. Baby Rocket Dog experienced snow last year, but this was little Hootie's first snow day. He loved romping in it with Baby, as you can see from the pictures. He actually sprained his "ankle" from all the running & sliding around. I took him to the vet Friday because he was limping on his left rear foot. Dr. Hall says he'll be fine. (Bye, bye $35.00!)


reliv4life said...

Love the video - there were going nuts, huh?? nothing like the first snow!

Jen said...

Poor little Hootie could hardly keep up with Baby, but he sure was trying. :D SO cute!
Oh well to the $35. Been there done that too.

Jen said...

btw, the second video won't play.

Jen said...

It's playing now ;)