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Sunday, November 23, 2008

KVMC School Sale

On Saturday Patrick & I went to the annual Kootenai Valley Mennonite Church School Sale. All items are donated by folks who attend the church and each year there are new and different crafts and furniture. (I made 4 sock monkeys & a little sock boy for the sale. I was excited to see that they sold quickly.) We sure look forward to attending this sale every year not only to look at & buy cool handmade items, but also for the yummy pies and other goodies. It’s also a good place to visit with friends since breakfast and lunch are available (for a very reasonable price) and there is plenty of seating in the cafeteria. I didn’t think to bring my camera until several hours after the sale opened, so missed out on pictures of some fabulous bookshelves, a full bedroom suite and tables full of pies, breads and jams. Outside some men were making apple butter in a large caldron --- which takes hours of stirring. AND, there were free buggy rides too! I went for a buggy ride while Patrick took Baby Rocket Dog out of the car for a little walk.

Patrick & I drove around to all the different craft sales going on. Then, we went home and left off Baby and picked up Hootie and hiked around the State forrest to look for a Christmas tree. No luck there. I want a fluffy tree like a Doug Fir or Blue Spruce, so will probably end up buying one.
The 2 pictures at the top here are of Hootie & me at Smith Lake.It's state forrest land.


Jen said...

That sounds like a lot of fun!
I love love your sock monkeys-so cute!! And so are you and your sweetie in your matching shirts. Looks like soome good pine trees behind you there!
I am sending you an e-mail later today or tomorrow so watch for it.

Dorothy said...

Looks like you had fun at the sale! Cute sock monkeys you made!

reliv4life said...

love the sock monkeys!! so, what kind of pie did you eat?? Baby is getting very big!!

Shellmo said...

what a fun sale to go to! Loved your sock monkeys!

Daisy said...

What a great way to spend a day. Sounds like fun! Your sock monkeys brought back a memory for me. My grandmother used to make sock monkeys all the time. Seems like every time we visited her she'd have several of them sitting about on the kitchen table or counter tops. :)

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Cassie.

Cassie said...

Jen ~ I emailed you back. Yes, plenty of trees, but they weren't fluffy enough!

Dorothy,Michele,Shelly & Daisy ~ Glad you all liked the monks. It is fun making them up to a point...Then I kind of get sick of looking a money in the eye! I told everyone I only made four because I didn't want to saturate the market. Ha! Michele, my pie was pecan & also vanilla custard. Oh were they good. I had to eat Pat's piece, since he has diabetes.:<)

Cassie said...

Wow, just noticed my (Freudian) slip. Money instead of monkey. hmmmm.