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Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Few Of My Birthday & Anniversary Gifts

Since I am in charge of Patrick's flight plans, I have only myself to blame for the fact that he wasn't scheduled to be up here in N. Idaho for our 20th Anniversary and my birthday. It was fine though, as his work needed to send him to Boston for 6 days, and Nov.2nd was the perfect date to do it. He did send me the nifty rigid drill and the roses and carnations. I also got a gorgeous black & red wool jacket from Norway that we designated as an early birthday gift. I need to have someone take a picture of me wearing it. A few buddies dropped by the cabin with well wishes and bearing gifts. Jessica & David sent me the cool, rosewood hair pick pictured. It was a good day, and when Pat gets up here on November 15th we will have another celebration. Lucky him, he got to have fresh lobster for our 20th. (2 lobsters for $16.99!!!) Sure wish I could have joined him in Boston, but maybe next time. :<) God bless all who read this. love, Cassie


Shellmo said...

Congrats on the 20th anniversary and happy birthday! Great gifts - yellow roses are always so pretty! And my hubby would covet that drill that you got!!

Daisy said...

Belated happy birthday to you. Cassie, and congratulations to you and your husband on 20 years together! Your flowers are beautiful! :)

I have an award for you at my
Dancing With Daisy site. :)

Mildred said...

I found you through Daisy and love your blog. Happy belated birthday and congrats on the 20th anniversary also. I love all your gifts but the hair pick is just beautiful - I am envious! Blessings to you - I'll be back to visit soon.

Dorothy said...

Hi Cassie,
Happy Birthday wishes... a week late!!! Looks like you had a good one. My hair is not long enough for the hair pick, but I like the drill and the roses! You will have a long celebration since it will not be over until Pat comes home and you get to celebrate with him. Good wishes for many more birthdays and anniversaries!