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Friday, July 25, 2008

Dogs, Dogs and Grass In Kennel

I turned my back for one minute and crash, bark, bark, bark. Baby Rocket Dog was alerting me that Hootie had pulled my tablecloth from the table and broken my Polish Pottery candlestick holder. Another inch and my PP stars & stripes bowl (full of yummy bugman cherries) would have bit the dust too. Thanks Baby. Then there is Hootie in "jail" for his crime. That was a bad day. A few hours later Baby came running up out of the woods and both front legs were COVERED in bright, red blood. I freaked out and immediately called Dr. Hall (after hours)one of the vets she goes to. He asked if it was a puncture, gash or scrape. Of course, I had no idea, all I saw was lots of blood. He calmed me down and said to wash her off and find out what it was and call him back if it needed stitches. He said if it was minor, just put neosporin on it. When I asked if dogs legs bleed alot he chuckled and said yes. I fear he thinks I'm one of those helicopter "pet parents"! After bathing her (boy was she dirty!) it was just a tiny little scrape. Pictures of some blood and her leg are also posted here. After getting her all bathed and blow dried (1 hour) decided I should wash the little guy too. Seems all I did that day was clean up!

The last pic is from yesterday afternoon. I had an appointment and left Baby over at Lucy's for a short play date. Jon & Mary are Lucy's owners and we are blessed to have met these nice people. Lucy is on the left and Baby is the one lying down, being covetous of Lucy's rawhide chew. My good friend Julia kept Hootie over at her place while I was down in Sandpoint. She has 4 teenage boys (+hubby, + 22yr old, Ian) at home, so a little more testosterone doesn't faze her a bit! Thanks Jon, Mary & Julie for giving me a few hours off!

I threw in a picture of the new grass (10 days old) Patrick planted in the outdoor kennel. It looks so pretty I hate to put the little stinkers in it! Blessings on your heads, Cassie


Jen said...

Oh dear!!
Well Hootie, that didn't take long--good thing you have a good mamma; I bet she didn't keep you in jail too long because you are so cute!
Poor Baby-glad it wasn't anything serious. I get all hyped up too when anythng is wrong and blood would be scarey for sure.
Maybe some super glue will take care of the candlestick. :(
Outstanding video;thank you! I really enjoyed watching it. See why I love Airedales!

reliv4life said...

I am so glad all is well with Baby!! Amazing how much blood. Poor Hootie, good thing he didn't hurt himself!

Cassie said...

Jen & Michele ~ I did super glue it...will just need to keep it in a corner. POOR Hootie??!! He is SO full of mischief. The 2 of them are keeping me busy. Guess I won't get much done on the cabin this summer. (Good excuse, no?)