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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy July 4th Weekend!

Patrick is back home and he and the new pup, Hootie (short for Harry Houdini), are settled in. Baby Rocket Dog was so happy to have her "daddy" home too. We normally go to the parade downtown on the 4th, but this year, for some reason they did not have a parade. They had cancelled the fireworks because they were to come from a town in China that was demolished by the earthquake, but why did they cancel the parade?? Oh well, on July 5th the 25th Army National Guard band came to the park and had a very excellent concert. They were very professional, yet the Sgt. that was the announcer was also playful and funny. We took the 2 dogs with us...yes, we are those people! (pictures I took were too far away) On July 4th our neighbor Cindy had a big party for Jim's 55th birthday. We all brought a dish (I did angeled eggs & a cheese platter) and their son-in-law,Don was the dog & burgermeister. The food was yummers, fellowship sweet and strawberry frozen drinks were very tasty. A good time was had by all. Patrick had a couple days to rest, now he is back to slaving. Has all but the washer and dryer carried up from the basement. He is outside raking and digging up weeds right now. I escaped to come to town to get this blog out. I started it yesterday, then all the connections down here went kaflooie & I lost all my jabbering. I'm going to try to get some pics from Jim's party posted now too. Enjoy. May the Lord of all things good smile on you this week. Blessings Always, Cassie


reliv4life said...

party looks fun BUT the puppy steals the show!!!!!!!! How precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen said...

Sounds and looks like you had a great 4th. I'm already in love with Hootie! Joy to you!

Shellmo said...

Cassie - it looks like a lovely party. Those matching fishing shirts are great!

Cassie said...

Michele ~ Hootie is amazing. Not only looks, but brains too. He learned to sit on command after just 3 tries. No kidding.
Jen ~ Airedale & Welsh Terriers reign!
Shelly ~ Thanks. We are a corny old couple of geezers!

Jen said...

You've been awarded; come to
to see your prize.