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Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's Official...

I no longer own a single pair of light colored slacks without dog prints on them. Here is the cheat grass (AKA fox tails) story: Last week we took Hootie to the vet for his 2nd set of shots & mentioned that he had been shaking his head a few days earlier and was now sensitive around his left shoulder. The vet peered into his ear with his ear thingy and said his ear was full of puss. (Lovely.) Anyway, Dr. H. knocked Hootie out and cleaned it out and found a piece of cheat grass had caused the problem. Poor little guy. I'm still putting Animax in his ear 3X per day. Okay, now cut to yesterday. Baby Rocket Dog started shaking her head & I immediately called the vet and took her down town. Yep, after the vet knocked her out she also found a piece of cheat grass in baby's right ear pressed against the eardrum. It took a few tries to finally get it out. She used some micro surgery tweezers to retrieve it. I caught this one in time so it didn't get time to become infected. Now putting Animax in Baby's right ear. Just call me nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy. Both dogs seem fine...all this cheat grass stuff is taking it's toll on me though. I'm going to post a picture of a card I just received in the mail today from my daughter, Jessica, as well as a part of her note to me. Just in case the note doesn't turn out, here is what it says: "I found this old picture of you in your cheerleader uniform when I was going through some boxes. Is the "M" for Miller? (my maiden name) " Jesus loves you! Laugh & Love, Cassie


Jen said...

Nope never heard of cheat grass-looks painful. You are a good mamma. I had one of my little ones shaking not long ago too and took her in to see the vet. He pulled a little stick out.
Now the sock monkey is hilarious! Is that you? We nicknamed our local news weatherman sockmonkey-he looks like one. We're bad.

Cassie said...

Jen ~ Apparently so(sockmonkey,me). I think it's kind of neat that my daughter ended up with my same twisted sense of humor. Sounds like you & I must be related too!