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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What Is Wrong With Me??

Okay, ladies & germs, I might be experiencing buyers remorse. Yesterday I drove down to State Line,WA and bought (my husband) a Welsh Terrier. Of course, he didn't know I was going to do this, but in the past has said (and I quote), "If you really think we need another dog....." Once I saw the little guy I was in love. He turns 8 weeks today and he LOVES Baby Rocket Dog. Now the jury is still out on whether she likes him. So far she shows off for him, steals his toys & food and acts annoyed that he likes to crawl on her and follows her all around. I sure hope they become good friends. I thought Baby needed a canine companion. He seems to be a real smart pup. Only did 1 pee pee in the house today...I wasn't vigilant enough. Seems very pleased with himself when he goes outside. I'm posting this at the library, so can't attach a picture, but will post pics at a later date. The guys finished the front step and stones this morning & I love the look. Also a moose (cow) was up visiting the cabin today while they were working. By the time I got my camera the pictures I took were at too much of a distance. Maybe I'll catch her again sometime. Better go now. If any of you think I was crazy to get another dog, please feel free to razz me. I hope it was the right decision. Blessings on your heads! love, Cassie


Jen said...

I am still trying to catch my breath..... LOL a new dog!
I can't wait to see those puppy pictures. And if I show up at your door, I will ignore the go away sign!!

Shellmo said...

I think it's great that the dog has a new loving home! Why not?!

reliv4life said...

How is Rocket adapting to the new addition? I can't call you crazy, I got 3 kittens at once...that crossed crazy and moved right into "not smart"!! Nothing better than a puppy!