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Monday, April 14, 2008

Townhall Forum on April 8th

Patrick & I went on a date to the Townhall Forum at the Maricopa County Event Center on Tuesday, April 8th. It was sponsored by KKNT 960am radio-The Patriot, and Daily News-Sun and was terrific. Three of my favorite talk radio hosts (Dennis Prager, Michael Medved & Hugh Hewitt) were on the three man panel which was moderated by Dean Martin, the AZ State Treasurer. If you are not familiar with these gentlemen I highly recommend googling each one and perusing their websites. Brilliant minds and upstanding people.I have loved Dennis Prager for years...used to stay up to watch him when he had a TV show at 2:00am some years ago. It was pretty cool being amongst this large crowd of conservative folks, not to mention the stimulating Q & A with the panel. Pat & I were in the front row, so had some of the best seats in the hall. The only drawback to our great seats was that they had a BBQ dinner (which we did not attend) prior to the main event and the yummy smell of barbecue sauce was wafting through the air the whole time we were there. By the time we finally left I was ready to go home and swill down a bottle of BBQ sauce like a bottle of soda pop! We purchased 3 books and waited in line to have Dennis and Michael sign them. While in line we chatted with a nice fellow named Dean who was there with his teenage son. Dean was kind enough to email us some pics from the night. Thanks Dean. To summarize, it was a good time and well worth the cost of the tickets. Signing off for now. Blessings to all who read this. Because of Him,Cassie

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