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Monday, April 14, 2008

April Showers?

Here it is April already and I haven't written a thing on my blog. No showers here in Phoenix. Actually it has been in the 90's already. Ugh. Even our pup, Baby Rocket Dog, runs out of energy soon after arriving at the dog park. We took her there this morning, then to Smelly Dog where we gave her a bath. She smells like lavender from the cream rinse. Patrick and I have been taking her to Smelly Dog together the last few times because her bath goes much quicker with the two of us working together. It's such a great way to give the dog a bath---they have everything there for you: shampoo,rinse,ear stuff,brushes,blow dryers,aprons. And best of all the tubs are waist high so there is no bending over. Important for us old codgers! Love that dog. Now Chuck, my Persian cat, is another story. We've had him for almost 13 years now and he seems to get more obnoxious with age. He has no patience for kids or Baby. And he has some "behavioral issues" that are becoming harder for us to handle. Namely, he has 'marked' my (large)bath rug with his urine. Not nice. Since getting Baby Chuck really seems nasty by comparison. He had his "issues" prior to getting the dog, so we can't blame his bad behavior on the pooch. With our luck he'll live to be 25. Any suggestions on what we should do with him would be appreciated. FYI: he has been checked out & does not have a bladder or u.t.i....he's just a stinker. On to another subject. Bible study Friday night was very cool. We always look forward to that day of the week because of it. I'll miss the great teaching and fellowship when we go up north. For those of you out there that pray, would you lift up my cousin Ivy's friends Susan and Drew? Susan is expecting her 1st child (at age 42) and her husband of 3 years, Drew, is in the last stages of lymphoma. They are believers and really need our prayers at this time. Thanks. May the Lord of the universe bless you and keep you. Remember, Jesus never fails. love to all, Cassie

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Cassie said...

Ivy called me to tell me that Drew passed away peacefully on the Saturday night after our Bible Study.