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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Using Gas = Good Times = Empty Pockets!

The past few days have been busy & fun. Friday night was Pastor Manny's Bible study (we are in Joel) and as usual we were challenged. Steve V. was the guest leader of the worship team and did a terrific job. He and his wife, Carey, actually met at this Bible study 10 years ago, so he said it was like a sweet reunion. We sure miss our Phx. church when up in N. Idaho. Saturday we awoke quite early & Patrick & I attended our Credit Union annual meeting. We got to sit with some friends we hadn't seen in several years & it was great catching up with Sylvia & John. It was held at a Marriott and the breakfast buffet was very yummy. Pat and Sylvia each won a door prize too.....Very cool! I'm always surprised more folks don't attend these things. After that I drove to Casa Grande to meet with my dear friend, Cathi and her 8 yr old daughter, Mandy Sue who were driving up from Tucson. The trip to Casa Grande should have taken about 45 minutes but due to road work (freeway finally dwindling down to a single lane) ended up being almost 2 hours. Yikes. The trip was worth it when I finally got there. We ate at Macayo's Mexican Restaurant and gabbed. Then, we did a little shopping before parting ways. It was the last time we'll get to see each other until Patrick and I return from Idaho in December. Luckily we both have AT&T cell phones so can talk every day even when thousands of miles away. I was exhausted when I finally got back to Phx. & really dislike driving in that kind of traffic. This afternoon Patrick and I went out to Red Lobster and chowed down. After that we went to a few stores and I found some of my treasured Polish pottery. Got 2 more steins and 2 mugs. I really need more dinner plates, but haven't had much luck with that. I am flabbergasted at the price they command on line, so will continue to look at department stores. Blessings to you, my friends, Cassie

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