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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Marilyn's Tomatoes

My buddy Marilyn has a ton of tomatoes in her garden. Several different varieties. She gave me some green tomatoes for my special green tomato casserole a few weeks ago. Then she had me over for supper and we ate tomatoes stuffed with tuna salad and steamed asparagus. Delish!! I took this photo of some of her crop that she and her daughter-in-law made into canned salsa. Maybe she'll have me over for a Mexican feast? Hint, hint.

Yesterday I went back over to Marilyn's place and she loaded me up with a mess of tomatoes. I'm going to roast some of them and then freeze them. It'll be my first attempt, so I'll let you know how they turn out. I had a luscious tomato and cheese on whole wheat sandwich last night, then topped it off with grape tomatoes I purchased at the vegetable stand my friend Fern Yoder owns. I'm really overdosing on tomatoes (which I used to get hives from!). But when they are fresh and sweet like they are now, and right off the vine, I have no self control!! Maybe I'll go on an all tomato diet. Patrick is back in Phoenix so I can eat weirdly now. ;<)

Hope everyone is having a great week. love,Cassie

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Rev. Paul said...

I do declare, ma'am, y'all talk like a southerner. And only a true Southerner knows how many in a mess.

Just shy of a heap, of course.

Great story, and good lookin' 'maters!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I'm glad you don't get hives NOW Cassie. OR--maybe I wish you did because you'd have to give all of thoee tomatoes to ME.... ha ha (just kidding)....


Busy Bee Suz said...

If I could grow only one veggie to eat all the time, it would be tomatos!!!
I eat tomato/mozzorela/basil salads almost daily. I love 'maters.
I love Marilyn for sharing with you.

Dorothy said...

Love those tomatoes, too. My sister had a lots of them this year, so she kwpt us in tomatoes as long as they lasted. Too bad the growing season is only two months here.

Jen said...

They sure are pretty!
But I don't do tomatoes.

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

I'm so sad about my tomatoes - my garden is red with them and they are all blighting. We barely get enough to eat - next year we're moving the garden - we know the tomatoes need more calcium.

Have a wonderful day.

John Poole said...

That's a serious collection of tomatoes, there, Cousin Cassie. I am very jealous, but quite frankly, don't know if I could use that many fast enough to keep them from spoiling. But nice to see others having a good harvest! ~John

Cassie said...

Rev. ~ Ha ha. Not sure where we got the word "mess" from since I was born and raised a Northerner! My mom always used to say that. Also the word "scads". :<0

Betsy ~ You're too far away girl otherwise I'd share with you!

Suz ~ Marilyn is my best friend up here in Idaho. She's about 10 or more years older than me and we get along like best buddies from H.S.!!

Dorothy ~ Isn't it grand having someone to share with? I grew some myself, but nothing like her crop!

Jen ~ I can not believe you don't eat tomatoes. Unacceptable! Okay, but I hope you eat other veggies to make up for it....or is it a fruit?

Lynn ~ Oh no. Blight. I'm so sorry for you. Not sure if my squash got blight, but not a one grew to fruition and I was told ANYONE can grow squash. Not me.

Cousin John ~ I hope you see my recipe above...that'll keep a bunch of tomatoes from going bad.

Grandma J said...

I love all things tomato! Thank you for the recipe, I'm gonna give this a try.

Daisy said...

Our neighbor just gave us some tomatoes, Cassie and then someone at work wanted to give us some more! HA! Gotta enjoy them while they're in season, don't we. :D

Cassie said...

GrandmaJ ~ I hope my lack of exact ingredients doesn't hurt your recipe.

Daisy ~ Yup! Right now it's tomatoville in Idaho~!