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Monday, June 22, 2009

A to Z Mondays ~ The Letter X

These are 2 polycystic kidneys. Note the size in comparison to the hands. A normal kidney is the size of a persons clenched fist.
This is a pkd kidney vs. a normal, healthy kidney. Lovely isn't it?
This is really pushing it, but my ‘word’ for today’s letter is Xplant (pronounced transplant). Okay, I know it’s not really a legitimate spelling, but this shortened version is used Xtensivley on Xplant forums and as shorthand in some medical groups! I know this, as several years ago I was the coordinator of the Arizona Friends for the PKRF (Polycystic Kidney Research Foundation*)and the founder and moderator of the first PKD (polycystic kidney disease) patient/friend email forum. Toot - toot. (That’s my own horn. hehe.) Anywhooooo, PKD has no known cure and kidney dialysis or Xplant are the only things that can be done to prolong life, once the disease has destroyed the kidneys. Obviously Xplant is most desirable, but unfortunately there are many more people who need Xplants then there are donors. In recent years live donor Xplants have become more common since we all have 2 kidneys and this has helped a bit. There is still a very urgent need for folks to mark the organ donor box on their drivers license or fill out an organ donor card. Kidneys are not the only organs that are in short supply for Xplant. The heart, lung, liver and even corneas and skin can be Xplanted in this day of modern medicine. Quite amazing. So friends, I urge you to sign a donor card and perhaps some day give someone else the gift of life!

God bless you richly. Love, Cassie

PS- Patrick is feeling a little better and awaiting his next ortho. visit. Thanks for your continued prayers.

PSS-Jen's blog has more A to Z Mondays listed on her sidebar. *the name has since changed to PKD Foundation


Busy Bee Suz said...

This is a great post Cassie. I think we should ALL be organ donors, you can't take em' with you. Even my 15 yr old is one.
Glad Patrick is feeling better! Take care, suz

Jen said...

Happy Monday Cassie.
What a great way to use the letter X and get the word out.
Bravo! toot toot. That's my horn tooting for you. ;)

Rev. Paul said...

Interesting and informative - and glad to hear of Patrick's improvement.

Shellmo said...

Yea for organ donors! Yea for Patrick feeling a little better - continued prayers for him!

Anonymous said...

A very informative and important post Cassie. So grateful that Patrick is better. It's fun to join the A-Z group this week.

Grandma J said...

Very informative. I am on the National Organ Donor list, and the BMT list too. I "get" the whole X factor, expecially when my grandson was DX with leukemia.

Great X word!

Caroline said...

What a great message this post puts across. A big cheer for everyone who has filled out a donor registration and a big thank you to all the families that have lost loved ones that have then donated their organs.

Dawn said...

we were talking about transplants in the car this weekend!!

funny tidbit... our friend was getting his learner's permit and they asked him if he wanted to donate his organs. poor kid went white as a sheet... and after a minute asked- which one? he thought he had to donate on the spot!! eek!

Decadent Housewife said...

Uh, Cassie?

Did you know that those two - Hootie and Baby Rocket Dog - entered you into a draw over at Daily Decadent?

Just bringing you up to speed - you know how kids are - always up to something.

Daisy said...

Cassie, I am happy to say that my driver's license does list me as an organ donor. Nice post--you're always thinking of others and being an advocate of goodwill---I like that about you. :D

I'm so glad to hear Patrick is doing better. Hope he continues to heal!

Ben said...

That's a good cause - and a great way to save a life after we have "moved on"...

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yes we should all be organ donors, Cassie... Great post!!!!!

How's Patrick???? Did you drive to Phoenix??? I assume not yet...


Mackenzie said...

Yes, please!
This is so uplifting to me.
I have PKD.

Psalm 21:3
Be exalted, O LORD, in your strength; we will sing and praise your might.