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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Celebrations in Prescott, Arizona

My Sweetie had our Valentine's weekend all planned out. Drive to Prescott on Friday with the 2 pooches and check in to the hotel where he had made reservations. He made the rez. well in advance since he wanted to make sure the dogs could stay with us. Also, he made a 6pm reservation for one of our favorite restaurants, Murphy's, for Friday night. After getting settled in we walked the dogs around the hotel grounds and they had fun romping in the snow. It was really cold due to the wind chill, but the dogs didn't mind. We kenneled Hootie up and let Baby Rocket Dog loose in the room & we took off for Murphy's.
Here Patrick and I are waiting to be seated for our 6pm reservation at Murphy's. It's a lovely old building (est. 1890) with lots of interesting features. Since we had to stand around for awhile we took time to admire the beveled glass windows separating the dining area from the bar. We got to admire one another too!! Prescott is home to many cowboys, so even though Murphy's is an upscale establishment, the dress is quite loose there. We brought dress clothes with us, but opted to go casual instead.
The manager of Murphy's asked if we minded eating in the upstairs dining room & we said that was fine. (We had already waited 15 minutes to be seated and the place was very busy.) As he led us to our table I quipped, "Complimentary cocktails?" To which he responded,"Why not?!" Here's the nice manager:
Here is my complimentary house Chardonnay :
Patrick chose the prime rib, which is one of his favorite meals. I took a bit longer on my decision, finally choosing the asiago encrusted halibut. Both very tasty indeed.
We were both so full when we got back to the hotel it was a chore to walk the dogs! The little stinkers were up about 4 times during the night and Pat and I took turns going out & freezing our butts off!
Today, actual Valentine's Day, we walked around downtown Prescott with the dogs. There were lots of folks doing the same thing. The Courthouse Square is a very popular place for dog walking and everyone chit-chats with each other. Of course the dogs loved the attention. These 2 photos were taken by fellow dog lovers. The second one looks like Hootie was ready to go potty, but he really wasn't. I thought it was a funny picture!
This is Prescott's famous Whiskey Row. It once was a rollicking street with lots of bars and the brawls that go with drunken cowpokes. It is now mostly tourist shops...a few bars still remain. The museum has some interesting items and that's where we got our old time photo taken on our 15th anniversary. I also got to play a few hand of poker with Doc Holiday and some other old time gambler (5 years ago).
We stopped into Quiznos and each got a hot sandwich, and the young man behind the counter, Kyle Kellogg, was from farrrrr North Idaho too!! His grama runs the duty free shop just a few miles north of us...small world. After eating and walking with the dogs some more, we stopped into the museum and picked up 3 horse blankets for up at the cabin in Idaho. While Patrick was paying for them I ran over to the Sun West Gallery and looked at wool rugs. They were having a sale with some screamin' deals, so I coaxed Patrick into the shop and he took these photos of me oooing and ahhhing over the rugs. Well, he bought me 2 rugs too. Really nice ones. The little 3x5 green one I'm kneeling near is one of them. I can hardly wait to use them!
I feel like I made out like a bandit for Valentine's Day...I guess a little of that wild west mojo struck me! he he. I hope you all have a great weekend and make sure to tell someone how much they mean to you. God bless everyone who wanders over to this blog. love, Cassie


Noah the Airedale said...

Sounds like an excellent weekend away especially since Hootie and Baby were with you.
Thanks for sharing.

Noah Willow Tess Lucy

Anonymous said...

I love that you shared your weekend with us. What a grand time it sounds like. I love the pictures and all your goodies.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Cassie, I love those pictures of you two--especially that first one. So much love shows in your faces. NEAT!!!

Your Valentine's trip was similar to ours. We stayed in a motel --and head a wonderful Mexican dinner Friday night. On Saturday, we went hiking and saw SIX new waterfalls to add to our collection.

Hope your day today is GREAT.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh what a wonderful weekend for you both. AND the babies too.
I love perusing in little shops like that, I can just get lost.....

Dorothy said...

Hi Cassie,
Looks like you two had a blast! It's great that you made pictures!
Thanks for sharing!

John Poole said...

What's all that white stuff on the ground? You did say "Arizona", right? LOL!

Glad you had a wonderful time!

Jen said...

Ahhh wonderful! I see you got to go see your beloved snow too.
Yep, can't pass up a 'sale' sign, no way. and I love your trick for a free cocktail-never pays to keep your mouth shut; well, sometimes. :)

Cassie said...

Noah ~ Yes, we did have a really nice time. My sweetie is a gem for planning the trip.

Thanks Mildred! It's fun to have buddies to share our goodtimes with.

Betsy ~ Thx. Your waterfalls were much more spectacular than our little snow trip!

Suz ~ It's weird how easy it is to loose yourself in one of those over-stuffed stores! Lots of fun like you said. Many times I just look & don't buy, but Pat wanted to get me something special sooo.

Dorothy ~ My photography skills are so dim compared to yours, I take that as a great compliment. Thx.

John ~ Arizona even has 3 ski resorts!! In Flagstaff,The White Mtns. and Mt. Lemon.The Grand Canyon gets REALLY cold too.When I lived back east I thought AZ was all desert and barefoot people riding on donkey carts. ha ha!

Jen ~ Yes! Snow melts my heart. I am a sucker for SALE signs...and my free cocktail...just suffice it to say I have Scottish blood flowing through my veins!!

Karen said...

Cassie,Thanks so much for the warm welcome to the blogging world. I'm quite envious of your weekend. I'm so glad you have such a wonderful soul mate to share with!!

Shellmo said...

What a fun family weekend! You sure Rocket & Hootie weren't having some late night drinks thus all the bathroom runs?! WINK, WINK!
And I would've oohed and ahhed at the rug store too!

Me said...

You two are too cute together! Looks like a lovely weekend!

Cassie said...

Karen ~ Hey, you get to be Mrs.PatJknowsitall!! That's pretty cool.

Shelley ~ Hmmm. Never thought that those pups were so sneaky, but now that you mention it. he he.

Danielle ~ Gee thanks. I blush. He's the cute one, I just tag along!!

Dawn said...

looks like you had a fantastic valentine's celebration!! how fun... to get away!

Rev. Paul said...

What a wonderful outing - thanks for sharing!

Cassie said...

Dawn ~ It was especially good to get to go to the snow. I've been shriveling up from the heat already!!

Rev.Paul ~ You are welcome sir!

Daisy said...

I read this a while ago and thought I left a comment. Blogger must have eaten it! ha ha! Looks like you had a lovely Valentine's Day! So glad you and Patrick got to celebrate in a special way. :)