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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sorry, The Server Was Down!

Hello again folks. I hadn't been able to get a wireless connection the last several times I was outside the library, so have missed reading all your blogs. I am currently in Sandpoint at McDuff's Brewing Company eating the worlds best beer cheese soup & using their wireless. Have a therapeutic massage in 30 min. , so will post some pics & try to get back to explain later. Hope I haven't lost my small, but faithful readers! Blessings & love, Cassie


Daisy said...

Hi Cassie! I love the video! HA! Looks like Baby Rocket Dog is chewing on some shoes there---ooops! I like the close up cameo at the end on the video. :)

Have a great weekend! :D

Jen said...

I would never desert you!
Thanks for the pics and video..always love to see my, I mean your, favorite dogs. :)
Wishing you well and bountiful blessings to you too!

Dorothy said...

I have missed your posts. Glad you're back. Wish I was getting a massage!! My shoulder is a little sore from some yard work. I know your little dogs are very entertaining!

Cassie said...

Daisy ~ Little Hootie likes to try to eat my camera. His newest thing is eatting bees and other bugs. Yuck!
Jen ~ I worded that oddly, didn't I? It sounds like you all are little folk.
Dorothy ~ Thanks. I love it up here in the boonies,but not having a land line is the pits. Oh, the massage was great!

Shellmo said...

Yea - Cassie's back! Gosh your dogs are cute & funny!