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Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Birthday Rainbow

Went to a birthday gathering last evening (for 4 people)in my friend, Rose Mary's backyard. Everyone brought a dish (I 'made' a cheese tray) and there were lots of earthmother type foods. Quite tasty. While we were eating it started sprinkling and a double rainbow appeared. It was way more spectacular than is seen here. These pics are of the 4 birthday honorees: Jerry,Rose Mary,Jody and ?(the tall woman in the back!). ~~~I'm having a bit of a problem with the editing function of my blog (very wierd script is taking the place of the pictures), so I can't delete the darker, duplicate photo.~~~ The individual photo is my buddy Rose Mary. It only sprinkled for about 10 minutes and that just made it all the better when the bonfire was lit. Happy Birthday & many blessings for the coming year Rose Mary!


Shellmo said...

Good photos of the rainbow! You know its going to be a great day when you see one of those!

Daisy said...

Those rainbows look pretty spectacular to me even in the photo, Cassie. :D

Sounds like you had a fun celebration.

Jen said...

Happy Birthday to You!! and your friends! What day is yours?

Double rainbow is not seen too often-must've been a special one saved for you all. ;)

Hope you took your lactaid pill before devouring that cheese. lol

Cassie said...

Shelly ~ You're right. The next day was perfect.

Daisy ~ Thanks! I needed that.

Jen ~ It wasn't MY birthday silly. But, I'll take a very merry UnBirthday greeting from you! My B-ay (& also 20th wedding anniv.) is Nov.2nd. No joke about the lactaid. I didn't remember & not sure if it was all the earth mother vittels or the cheese, but I'm still suffering the repercussions! Won't go into know what I mean.

Jen said...

I thought the "? tall lady you" mentioned was suppose to mean you.
Are you short and sweet? lol

Cassie said...

You betcha! 5'1" of sweetness & light. he he.

Dorothy said...

Hi Cassie,
Just wanted you to know that I visit and enjoy your blog! In fact, I have an award to pass on to you at my blog. Stop by and visit sometime.

Dorothy said...

Cassie, I don't know the proper way, but I saved my award to my pictures and from there I was able to post it on my blog. You might ask some of the younger generation about this. I just pick up bits and pieces from people who are willing to help me learn, and believe me, I have a lot to learn!