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Sunday, August 10, 2008

I've Been A Slug Lately

Seems I've been low on energy lately. Could be that the little boy dog requires that I awake 2-3 times during normal sleeping hours. I've included some new pics of Hootie & Baby Rocket Dog so you all can see how much the little stink has grown. Baby seems so mature by comparison now. Amazing. I sure am having fun with them, though I sure wish Hootie would grasp the concept of potty training. He'll be outside for 2 hours, then come in and pee on the floor. Thank the Lord for porcelain tile floors!! He has gotten way better at the crate training part though. Hasn't peed on his bedding in about 5 days now. A record? We'll get through this I'm sure.
Went to the POAC (Pend Oreille Arts Council) Art on the Beach on Saturday. I bought the 2 lodge pole pine switch plates pictured for our basement bath. Really like the way they coordinate with the door trim and basin vanity. That bath probably won't get finished this summer, but at least I have a toilet & switch plates!
I half painted the floor on Patrick's shed the other day. Actually just primed it. Couldn't budge a couple things on the floor, so they remain unpainted. I probably shouldn't have started it until I could do the whole thing, but if you know me........
One of my blogger friends (, Shelly, is making me feel like a total slug. She and her hubby just started their cabin a few months ago and are already landscaping it. That's about 8 years in our future. I am totally enjoying reading other folks blogs (check out Jen's, but can't really set aside much time to do so, since I have to come downtown and use the wireless internet and we have had a few hot days. But NOT yesterday morning. We had a 10 minute hail storm. It was pretty neat. ( A short video of the hail is at the bottom of this entry.) BabyRD got all riled up just before it hit, so I let her outside and boom, marble sized hail. She was funny, like, what the heck is this?! I took her to church with me today, as the weather is lovely, about 65 degrees, so staying in the car with the windows down was okay and makes her feel special. Hootie is at home in the outdoor kennel. He has dug several little holes in Pat's beautiful grass so I figured he can't hurt anything and maybe he will go potty while he's out there. Oh well, maybe we'll eventually just pave it over. Oh, yea, the roses are from my "Veteran's Honor" rose bush. Aren't they fabulous?
Better go now. Hope you all enjoy the new pictures. May God bless all who read this richly. love, Cassie


Shellmo said...

Seeing pictures of your dogs makes me thing a log home isn't complete without one. I have the cat - now I need a dog! Also - like your switchplates in the one photo!

inamazinggraceland2 said...
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Jen said...

I miss you, but your posts are so wonderful it's worth the wait! :)
I see Hootie growing!
Enjoy putting your log home need to rush. There's always tomorrow and it will be there waiting for you.

Come visit when you can BUT make sure you look at my post on Tuesday--August 12th!!! ;-) Jen

Jen said...

And...I really like those switch plate covers too. Ten years ago, it was hard to find stuff like that. Now with the internet anything is possible.

Daisy said...

Hi! Jen sent me here to visit. I'm enjoying your blog. Love the pictures of your pooches. They look like real sweethearts. :)

reliv4life said...

getting up in the night with that little one is wearing you out! Just like having a baby in the house I suppose. Love, love, love the switch plates!

Cassie said...

Shelly~Yes, dog/log. Cat/??? I do miss old Chuckie boy though, even if he was a stinker. He sure enjoyed laying in the bay window watching the wildlife at the cabin & he was the best carcat. I must dedicate an entry to him some day.
Deleted Husband~ I love you & miss you!
Jen~Thanks. And, thanks again. I loved your Aug 12th post.I actually finished priming the shed floor and now have it half painted.
Daisy~Welcome. I must come visit you now.
Michele~JUST like a new baby, only no convenience of diapers! Have fun in MO.

Chris said...

Thanks for coming by my blog you are not the only one that is voting red most all the comments on & off the blog have said it is going to be red. Starting this week !

I have to save your site I have been here before because of Shelly....who started it all and so now I have this group of new log home friends all over the US that live in the best homes around !!!!!

Also love your dogs we are with out them right now and I'm missing it ;( Will kind of anyway until I hear you talking about potty training !

Cassie said...

Chris ~ I actually printed some of your pictures while at the Library, so I can have them for future reference for our cabin. There is always so much to do...I loved the library wall your friends built and also the idea of (hog) wire at the end of the deck is appealing to me. Oh, and right, the potty training is not fun. Hootie gets 'fixed' next week, so perhaps he'll be a changed fellow. he he he.