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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm Back!!

Currently posting this from Hilton Garden Inn Airport in Spokane, WA. I have to mention that this is one of the best, cleanest hotels I've stayed at in our many journeys over the years...and I do love their fluffy beds! Was kind of disappointed in the Philadelphia Hampton Inn Airport's cleanliness but they did have the wonderful, comfy bed. My plane arrived (from PA by way of St. Louis & Seattle) after midnight so it was best to spend the night rather than endanger anyone on the road at that hour. A very long trip, but glad we went. On the outbound portion of the journey Patrick flew in from Phoenix and we met in Chicago, flew to Philadelphia and spent the night, then drove to northeastern PA. Stayed at my 85 year old mother's house for 3 nights...she smokes like an old chimney so both my sweetie (who has asthma) and I tried our best not to look like we were choking while with Mom. The reason for the trip was to attend my 40th H.S. class reunion (we have never ventured back to Laporte to any of the others). I'll get some pictures up here after I get home and retrieve our dogs and get settled back in. It was quite fun and though I'm only dropping a note at this time, have to relay at least one cool event of the reunion evening now. Patrick & I sat next to my old (sorry Tommy) classmate, Tom & his wife Connie. Tom mentioned that he had read a blurb about my life I had put in one of the past reunion handbooks and knew by it that I was a born again Christian. Turns out he & Connie were born again 30 years ago (me:20 yrs, Patrick:50 yrs!!) and it was such a fine thing being able to talk with both of them and feel time apart melt away because of the fellowship we shared in Christ. Their daughter and son in law work for Campus Crusade at Penn State U. Our Lord is SO amazing. I was flitting about trying to talk to as many old friends as I could, and found out another dear buddy (we passed notes in French class), Cheryl and her husband, Ricky(also a classmate), are born again too. AND, her little sister lives about 35 miles south of me in faaarrrrr north Idaho and they too are saved!! I really would have loved to take a poll of how many folks from Sullivan Co. H.S. Class of '68 have come to know the Lord as their personal Saviour. Those times were pretty messed up, so I'm hoping more than I know have come to salvation. Of course, I'm sure there were those who knew Jesus Christ way back when & I had no cognisance of it. Tom said an interesting thing to me about who I used to be and I was actually quite surprised. He said, "You had very low self esteem then didn't you?" I was surprised, because I thought I did a pretty good job of hiding how insecure I was. I always felt ugly and though I was a good student & participated in a ton of activities I felt like such a fraud and felt if anyone knew who I really was they would never like me. Anyway, I asked Tommy how he knew and he said, "By the guys you dated." Ha! Boy was he right on. Golly I love Jesus and am so thankful that he saved this wretch! Well, I better get checked out of the hotel before they charge me for another day. I'll try to get some pics up by this weekend. Blessings, blessings and more blessings to any and all who stop by this blog. Remember, Jesus loves you and He NEVER fails. love, Cassie


Shellmo said...

Blessings to you - looking forward to your updates!

reliv4life said...

glad you had a good trip! I can certainly identify with the insecurity as a kid! Praise God He is delivering us,huh? Well, praise Him for everything - isn't He just amazing???

Cassie said...

Shelly ~ Thanks. Wish I could be as up to date on my posts as you are!
Michele ~ Amazing. Truly.