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Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Good Week

Greetings friends. Most of this past week has been cool and rainy. Even was met by snow falling on Tuesday on my way out to visit some folks just north of me. The mountains are once again powdered with snow too. I love it! The only problem is Baby Rocket Dog loves it too and she runs around turning herself into a muddy mess. Oh well. Allstate Masonry had 2 young fellows come over on Wed. and prep the front of the cabin for some stone work. They also poured the footing (in pouring rain) for our front steps. I am so excited about that, as we have had a crude ramp leading to the front door ever since we got our doors on. It will be much better to greet people from that door, since it fronts our mudroom. They are supposed to do the actual steps next week. Can't wait. I pulled a bunch of weeds and decided to try to get some of the buried trash cleared out (since the ground was wet) where I want to locate the shed. Well, it (the trash idea)was a much bigger task than I had anticipated. Once I pulled out one rusty can, another would be underneath. Old barbed wire, Old Spice bottle, rusted motor oil cans...YUCK!! I had to call it quits. On Saturday was my 3rd Kootenai River Run. My buddy, Candy, did it with me again this year. We walk it so we aren't winning any prizes, but it was a gorgeous day and we enjoy chit-chatting. We actually bettered our time from last year: 54:02 & 54:03. Next year maybe we'll even do better. Another cool thing: Patrick's and my neighbors, Jim & Cindy, made a sign for us to point the direction to our place from the private road. They are both really creative and talented at woodworking, so it turned out swell. I took a picture of it, but forgot my camera today, so will post it some other time. I hope you all had a good week too. Blessings and Peace, Cassie


Jen said...

You have been busy..
I did a 3.5 mile walk a few years ago. Although I wore my regular tennis shoes, that was not good enough...the bottom of my feet were a mess. ouch.
Love the addition of your pictures. Need more of Rocket :)

reliv4life said...

Hey! Love the pictures! Your home is beautiful...yes, and even Rocket dog is lovely!!

Cassie said...

Jen ~ It was the 5k that we did and (probably) because we weren't breaking any records had no physical side effects. I have some pretty funny pics of BabyR.D. that I will add to my "gallery" today. Hope you like them.
Reliv4life ~ Thanks...still LOTS of work to do. I only took the pictures 'from the neck up'so it looks more together than it is!