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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Anyone Remember Mighty Manfred The Wonder Dog??

Yes, still more silly pictures. She is wearing boys undies in the one photo because we let her go into one heat before having her "fixed". That's my sweetie with Baby Reindeer Dog. They're both cute aren't they?!


reliv4life said...

Fabulous Pics! I like the pink the best, I just like the look on her face! I can't believe she keeps the hoods one, amazing!

Jen said...

Oh so sweet!
Now I have that Hanes commercial jingle in my head...'Just wait'll we get our Hanes on you.'
Your husband is a good sport...or is all this his idea. :)

Cassie said...

Thank you ladies for indulging my 'dressing up the dog' obsession & even encouraging it. Mostly I let her go naked. The past few mornings we have hiked in our woods and I have a backpack that she now wears without fuss. I attribute that to her being dressed up as a pup. Oh Jen, that man is a good sport, but I bet he'd dress her up if I wasn't around. he he.

Shellmo said...

The pink hoodie photo is adorable!