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Friday, January 15, 2010

Idaho Winter Wonderland

I have these fresh snow pics taken on January 1st, 2010. Or for those who are as enraptured by numbers as I am: 01-01-10! This was the day before we left our beloved farrr N. Idaho cabin. That's Patrick clearing a fresh path. I just love new snow! Here in Phoenix I have to watch Patrick shovel sunshine.The weather has been quite lovely.

By the way, I've just joined a new blog called Friday Foto. Buddy Jen told me about it. The theme for this month is NEW. I just sent a pic over to Dee, but it probably won't be posted since it is late on Friday night already. Please check out her blog and maybe join in the fun.

Have a good weekend.
love, Cassie
PS- UPDATE: I was a day late, but did get my first photo posted to Friday Foto. I'm so excited. A fun new meme!


Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

I love new snow too - it amazes me every time it falls.

Daisy said...

The snow is very pretty, Cassie. You got some great pictures. Although I do have to say, I'd much rather be shoveling sunshine! :D

Dorothy said...

Good Morning, Cassie! Your snow scenes are beautiful! On the rare occasion that it snows here, I love to get out in it and 'play'!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Cassie. It's Dee --- I'm actually the administrator of Friday Foto. So, it's me you emailed.

I've sent you a Friday Foto invite and please, feel free to post your snow photos whenever you get signed in.

Love the photos. They are beautiful.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Those are so pretty Cassie...but really, I would love a photo of Patrick shoveling sunshine too!!!

Jen said...

I went over to see your New!
Love it!

John Poole said...

The snow photos are very lovely. I can see why you enjoy spending winters up there. Any cross country skiing or snow shoeing? Very nice.