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Sunday, December 6, 2009

A to Z Mondays ~ The Letter E

The Letter E.


Yup, farrr North Idaho is the hideout for a band of Elves. Apparently one of these Elves broke into our cabin while I was asleep and talked the dogs into having a party. They chewed on a few Christmas CD covers, ate a couple cubes of butter, drank a few brewskies, noshed on some of my firewood and generally messed up the cabin. These photos taken by a hidden camera are the only proof that this behaviour was encouraged by an Elf! Here we thought the pooches thought up this mischief all by themselves---the truth is it was Elves!!

Go on over to Jen’s for more Exciting E words!

Have a great week.

love, Cassie

PS - Our High temp today is supposed to be 14 degrees F. Yikes!!

I have soooo much other stuff to blog to you about now. A few photos from the Turkey Trot and all about how I helped the wardrobe mistress at The Nutcracker Ballet on Saturday. But I'm FFfffffreezing out here in the car and must go home and build a fire!!


Rev. Paul said...

14? That's a proper winter temperature, that is! Sounds like you'd be right at home in Alaska, too.

Dorothy said...

Cute E post, Cassie. I thought you were supposed to be in AZ in cold weather and ID in the hot summer!!! We are having a heat wave here in's 42 degrees now. Stay warm!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Do you suppose these were the bad elves that santa sent away? Seems they are not good elves and must be stopped.
14 degrees? I can't even imagine. never could I imagine.
Hugs to you,

Daisy said...

HA HA HA! Love the elf slippers and this post too, Cassie. Those ornery dogs have been led astray by those sneaky elves. Hope you can stay warm. It was at 17 degrees here this morning, but it has warmed up about ten degrees since then. Happy "E" week to you! :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

14 degrees????? Yipes---I complained this morning when it was 19 here--but that was our LOW--not our high.... Yipes!!!!

I'd be upset also IF I were an elf out there. Maybe the cold weather caused them to misbehave.... Ya think???????

Cute post, Cassie.

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

It's a tad on the chilly side there - no wonder the elves broke into your cabin. Those elf shoes look a bit cool - they need some stripped knee-socks to go with them to keep their legs warm.


Jen said...

Happy Monday Cassie!
I think Hootie wrote this post; he tries to pass the blame on to anyone he can doesn't he.
Enjoy your fire!

Anonymous said...

A fire sounds mighty good to me! Better watch out for those devious elves!!! Stay warm and have a great day Cassie.

Loui said...

Hi currently on the beach in Florida..assisting my sister with numerous chores before her godson moves in next week..seems I picked the correct time to leave Denver..single digit Highs, snow, snow, snow!
well somebody had to leave all the snow and help sis here..didn't she? it is the sisterly thing to do!
sorry about your cabin and the mischievious elves..
I somehow thought you were gonna say Elvis caused a rukus with his Christmas songs which I love!
warm hugs.. enjoy the toasty toes by the fire..

Margaret said...

14 degrees?! If I was an elf, I'd sneak inside where it's warm too!

Ben said...

Man, change the locks or something! Nothing's more bothersome than those rowdy northern elves!

joated said...

Ya better build that fire quick before the EPA bans Yule Logs for their CO2 output.

Better Elf Proof the cabin too.

Stay warm.

Dawn said...

those little elf shoes are funny!! i'm sorry you are so frrreeeeeeezing! hope it warms up a bit! maybe even just a few degrees!!