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Sunday, November 15, 2009

A to Z Mondays ~ The Letter H

Isn't the heart a miraculous muscle??
Patrick holds my heart in his hand.
And of course, you all know that Jesus holds the key to my heart!
To finish my heart post off here's a clip from a really fun old musical called Damn Yankees. My parents saw the original on Broadway so us kids got to listen to the record from the show as youngsters, so we knew all the songs. You Gotta Have Heart was one of my favorites (I regret that the coach in this clip takes God's name in vain, and apologize for it. I doubt that the original play did that.)
Have a great Monday and don't forget to go visit Jen's blog for more A to Z bloggers. Love and blessings to all who read this blog! Cassie


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cute "H" word, Cassie. Love that song, You Gotta Have Heart...

Have a great week.

Daisy said...

The heart really is made in a wonderful way, Cassie. Loved the old tune. Happy "H" week to you! :)

Dorothy said...

Heart is a wonderful choice for H week, Cassie! Nice post and I like the song! Have a great new week!

Dawn said...

loving your heart cassie :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Great H word Cassie. I love my well as those good hearts around me. (and YOU)
Take care...take heart.

Jen said...

Happy Monday Cassie!
...and be still my beating heart...your H post is up and it's not even Monday yet! HAHAHAHA
I heart you! ;)

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Great "H" post - love the first picture!! And I love that you have a heart for Jesus.


Margaret said...

Love the images that you used in this post. And the song brings up some old memories. Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

A very nice H post Cassie. Hope you will enjoy the week.

Sue said...

Hi Cassie!
Great post! I loved your "PS" post too!

I had the chance to read about your Mom, RoseMarie, in your Oct. 2008 post.(My Mom's name is Rosemarie too, and she is originally from Germany. There are LOTS of similarities with our Moms!)

It was such a pleasure reading your blog!