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Monday, May 4, 2009

A to Z Mondays ~ The Letter Q

Queequeg ~ Queequeg ~ Queequeg ~ Queequeg ~ Queequeg ~ QueequegWhen I was in junior high school we had to read Moby Dick for English class. I thought the chief harpooner of the Pequod, Queequeg, was an interesting character. I especially liked the sound of his name. Try to say it 4 times in a row. Ha! I'm thinking that Herman Melville must have been fond of the letter q!

Now I'm interested in seeing all the other q's today. If you'd like to join me, let's jog on over to Jen's blog.

Grace and Peace to you all. love, Cassie


Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Tell BRD and Hootie to make you "Queen for the Day" - you deserve it for putting up with them!!hehehe

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

reliv4life said...

oh my - you are so creative!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

So smart you are!!! I could not remember that name for the life of me!!!

Shellmo said...

Queequeg is very hard to say!

Margaret said...

My husband always liked his name, too. Thank goodness he didn't want to name our son after him! ;)

Rev. Paul said...

Your post is quantitatively succinct and qualitatively superior, ma'am, although I have a query:

Aren't you afraid that it a might leave us querulous? (Okay, maybe not, but I needed another adjective starting with a q.)

Grandma J said...

Very informative Q word. I love it when I learn so much on these A to Z Mondays!

Cassie said...

L,P,C & J ~ You are so sweet.Please whisper that suggestion into BRD's ear. Queen for a day sounds fun!

Michele ~ Why thank you dear lady!

Suz ~ OMG your first sentence really sounded like Yoda.He he. Yoda is one of my favorite green men.

Shelley ~ It kinda flows though, right?

Margaret ~ That would be so cool to have a son named Queequeg.I, myself, got the name Cassandra from the film Kings Row with Ronald Reagan. The Cassandra there was a nut case...hmmmmm.Thanks Mom.You KNOW I got teased about that one.

Woo woo, Rev Paul ~ I had to look that last q up! I like querulous...shouldn't have much problem in using it. Lately this heat in Phx has caused me to have a querulous voice!

Gma ~ I learn so much from fellow bloggers too. I like that. Keep the brains from turning to grapenuts so soon!

Ben said...

I am pretty sure that you will be the only one to come up with that word! Very literate of you!
As for me, call me Ishmael..

Ben said...

This is out of context but - that comment on my blog - another literary reference, eh? (Caine Mutiny). Took me a while...Queequeg, Queeg...interesting.

Cassie said...

He he- Ben ~ Can't get anything past you! Honestly I don't have a nautical fetish just on a roll!!

John Gray said...

hummmm I wonder if he was called Bert.......would you have noticed him???
nice to be back in the UK, thanks for your comments

Daisy said...

Cassie, you crack me up! HA HA! Fun post! :D Hope you are having a good week.

Cassie said...

John ~ Well, a harpooner, canibal named Bert still might have gotten my attention! hehe. Glad you made it home safe and sound.

Daisy ~ Yes, it's been good so far. You seem to have turned from a flower to a little girl!! Cute pic.

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

Hello there!

Thank you for your prayers and good thoughts for Achilles. It means a lot to us, for sure.

Hunter is also in our prayers, if I didn't comment/mention it before! Poor soul. :-(

I hope this Mother's Day weekend is wonderful for you!

John Poole said...


Likewise read Moby Dick in H.S. and then once again in later life. The friendship between Ishmael and QueeQueg (who couldn't have had more different backgrounds) is genuine and without pretense. That was one aspect of the novel that always stuck out in my mind. Good choice for the letter "Q"!

~ John