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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Odds ‘n Ends

Since she has established her alpha dog status, Baby Rocket Dog always ‘calls’ shotgun when we go for a ride in the car. Poor little Hootie only gets the coveted seat when he’s my only passenger. He has wheedled his way up there next to her, but she prefers to have that seat all to herself.

Patrick has spent about $100 at the US Post Office so far shipping Christmas “stuff” to me up here in farrrrr N. Idaho.

They keep threatening 2-3” of snow up here, but so far this December all we’ve gotten (on my hill) hits the ground and melts. LOTS of muddy paw prints on the deck and if I don’t wipe the pups paws at the door, what a mess they make inside. Sure glad I opted for porcelain tiles floors instead of carpeting! Oh yea, the mountains all around us are covered in the fluffy white stuff. Schweitzer should open for skiing in a few weeks.

Went out to pick up some cool shoehorns from a couple at Perkins Lake this afternoon and they had LOTS of snow all over the road. It’s 14 miles out. We have 40degrees today and Mr. Sun is shining down on us….they didn’t have a ray, not a ray of sunshine out at Perkins Lake Road!

Papa Byrd’s Bistro has the BEST chef in the Inland Northwest. If you every get to farrrr north Idaho it is a must stop. I try to stop in & get the yummy homemade soup at least every few weeks. It’s not your run of the mill stuff. It is out of this world….ie: red pepper tomato or butternut squash jalapeno. Out of this world delish!!

Papa Byrd's Bistro dining room is all dolled up for Christmas. These are the owners of Papa Byrd's. They are an uncle & niece and Papa Byrd was her dad who passed away.


Jen said...

I wish I could give your dogs a big smooch!
Enjoy your soup and be safe on those roads.
BTW - I am looking forward to seeing Hootie and Baby in those antlers. :D

Cassie said...

Jen ~ The antlers are 'someplace' in Phoenix right now, so they can only wear their Christmas shirts for dress up. :>( BTW I have started squirting Scope mouthwash in Hooties mouth & his breath isn't near as gross as it was (due to eatting critter poop,ugh).

Daisy said...

I love the photo of Baby Rocket Dog riding shotgun--ha ha ha! My sons do that, but I never heard of dogs doing it! I guess Baby Rocket Dog makes it clear who is the boss! :D

Shellmo said...

How fun to go riding w/ your cute poochies!!

Cassie said...

Daisy ~ Oh yes,she reigns!

Shelley ~ I rarely get out without them.On occasion they fight & I have to threaten to stop the car! ("Don't make me stop this car." he he)