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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let It Snow

Here are a few more shots of my decorations. I LOVE my Hallmark Tappers (in video). Each morning and sometimes during the day I press a button & tap with them. I bet Daisy (of Dancing With Daisy) would also love these little guys. Finally got some good snow! It is 8 below at the cabin right now. Brrrrrrr. Snowed around 15inches yesterday. You can see the difference in a few hours by the amount of snow gathered on the owls head. It's getting really cold out here in the Jeep right now, so I'm gonna sign off. Blessings to all who read this. love, Cassie


Jen said...

Oh too much snow for me!! yikes!

LOL- I just bought a tapper for my mother-in-law; she's 92. She loves Christmas deorations! I see you got the whole set. :D
And yes, these dancing guys are right up Daisy's alley.
Stay warm.
Did you get your mail?...neither rain nor snow not sleet of you better.

Jen said...

I always forget something....I like your wreaths and other decorations on your table-real flowers and greenery.

Cassie said...

Oh yes, it came today.I was gonna call you. Still might. LOVE the bracelet. So lovely.

Shellmo said...

Everything is looking lovely! And those tappers are fun!!! Stay warm in all this snow!

Cassie said...

Shelley ~ Thx. From the weather reports, it looks like you have way more snow than us.

Daisy said...

Cassie! I absolutely love the little tappers! HA HA HA HA HA HA! Those are so cute! Thanks so much for sharing that video. :D

I'm loving the rest of your decorations too. Your wreaths are beautiful. :)

As for the snow and cold---YIKES! 8-O

Daisy said...

I just went and watched the video again! heee heee heee! So much fun! Loved it!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Cassie, I love your little musical tappers. AND--your decorations are beautiful..

Send us some of your snow. Okay???

Dorothy said...

Cassie, looks like you are all snug and warm in your cabin! Cute little video. I have never seen any of these. I wish we could have a little snow way down south in Dixie!

Cassie said...

Thanks all for your kind comments! NOW we have tons of snow.