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Thursday, March 6, 2008

My First Day Blogging

Well, here I am trying something new. Like there aren't enough things left undone each day by yours truly. Decided it is a good idea to keep a type of diary of my thoughts, etc. in case anyone is ever interested in these "deep" thoughts. hmmmm. Perhaps this will help my grandchildren know who Grammy is. (Haven't seen the little sweeties in over a year now. A topic I might cover in the future.) Okay, first off I'll let you know where I got the name for my blog. July 13,1988 I was "touched by grace" and have been living in amazing graceland ever since. The Holy Spirit spoke to me telling me God is real. He told me Jesus would never leave me or desert me. And last but not least He told me the Bible is true--ALL OF IT---Read it! All of these things came to me simultaneously. Boom, boom, boom. It was about 2am & I was alone at work when this happened. The previous two weeks I had been sad and miserable (for reasons too lengthy to go into). I was not a religious person, and didn't know the terms "born again" or "saved" (other than hearing who I considered wackos using them). All I knew was that I had been touched by grace and I was filled with joy...happier than I had ever been. As the Spirit spoke to me all the bad, crumby, rotten stuff that had been held inside my heart for the 37 years of my life went pouring completely out and was replaced with a calm, warm assurance of God's love and faithfulness. An amazing morn indeed. I would later try to describe this happening and the best I could do was compare it to a cartoon of my heart breaking open (with the jagged line through the middle) with all the garbage being released to the sky and a swooshing, swirling, vacuum-type feeling of joy replacing it. Get the picture? This isn't quite as easy to write as it is to explain in person, so I'm hardly doing the greatest experience in my life justice. Anyway, from that day to this I love Jesus and have a personal relationship with Him. Not saying I'm anywhere close to perfect on my own, but with His help I'm not as much of a wretch as I used to be. Like the bumper sticker says: I'm a work in progress! So, that's the story of my blog's name. More later. Love in Christ Jesus, My Lord and Saviour, Cassie


Rick said...

Praise the Lord.

S B Tamare said...

keep enjoying your blogging and praise the lord along with your idea.

Dimple said...

Nice to meet you, Sister. Blessings!

leavesnbloom said...

Cassie I've had a little look longer this morning at your website - I'm a work in progress too

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